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Retraction Note to: Ultra-High Strength and Ductile Lamellar-Structured Powder Metallurgy Binary Ti-Ta Alloys

, Shenghang Xu, Xin Wang, Kaiyang Li, Bin Liu, Hong Wu, and Huiping Tang 1 1.-The State Key Laboratory of Powder Metallurgy, Central South University , Changsha 410083, Hunan , People's Republic of China. 2

Genomic selection of agronomic traits in hybrid rice using an NCII population

BackgroundHybrid breeding is an effective tool to improve yield in rice, while parental selection remains the key and difficult issue. Genomic selection (GS) provides opportunities to predict the performance of hybrids before phenotypes are measured. However, the application of GS is influenced by several genetic and statistical factors. Here, we used a rice North Carolina II (NC...

The homogeneous and heterogeneous risk factors for the morbidity and prognosis of bone metastasis in patients with prostate cancer

Li,1 Xiuxin Han,1 Feng Lu,1 Yulin Ma,1 Xin Wang,5 Guowen Wang1 1Department of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital, National Clinical Research Center

Network-based co-expression analysis for exploring the potential diagnostic biomarkers of metastatic melanoma

: Li-xin Wang, Guan-zhi Chen. Data curation: Li-xin Wang, Yang Li. Funding acquisition: Li-xin Wang. Methodology: Yang Li. Software: Yang Li. Validation: Li-xin Wang, Guan-zhi Chen. Visualization ... : Yang Li. 14 / 16 Writing ± original draft: Li-xin Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Guan-zhi Chen. 15 / 16 1. Institute NC . Melanoma Treatment±Health Professional Version (PDQ®) . 2016 2. Kanavy HE

Ketamine independently modulated power and phase-coupling of theta oscillations in Sp4 hypomorphic mice

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xin Wang, Xianjin Zhou. Data curation: Xin Wang. Formal analysis: Xin Wang. Funding acquisition: Xin Wang, M. Margarita Behrens, Xianjin Zhou, Terrence J ... . Sejnowski. 13 / 17 Investigation: Xin Wang, AntoÂnio Pinto-Duarte, M. Margarita Behrens, Xianjin Zhou. Methodology: Xin Wang, Xianjin Zhou. Project administration: Xin Wang. Software: Xin Wang. Supervision

Coordinate Control, Motion Optimization and Sea Experiment of a Fleet of Petrel-II Gliders

various underwater vehicles. Shu‑ Xin Wang born in 1966, received his bachelor degree on mechanical engineering from Hebei University of Technology, China, in 1987 and master and PhD degrees on mechanical

Combined epidural-general anesthesia was associated with lower risk of postoperative complications in patients undergoing open abdominal surgery for pheochromocytoma: A retrospective cohort study

: Nan Li. Conceptualization: Nan Li, Hao Kong, Shuang-Ling Li, Dong-Xin Wang. Formal analysis: Nan Li, Hao Kong, Sai-Nan Zhu, Dong-Xin Wang. Funding acquisition: Nan Li. Investigation: Nan Li, Hao Kong ... . Methodology: Sai-Nan Zhu, Dong-Xin Wang. Resources: Dong-Xin Wang. Software: Sai-Nan Zhu. Supervision: Shuang-Ling Li, Dong-Xin Wang. Validation: Hao Kong, Sai-Nan Zhu. Writing ± original draft: Nan Li

Potential impact of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and sea surface temperature in the tropical Indian Ocean–Western Pacific on the variability of typhoon landfall on the China coast

The landfall activity of typhoons (TYs) along the coast of China during July–August–September (JAS) shows significant interdecadal variation during 1965–2010. We identify three sub-periods of TY landfall activity in JAS along the China coast in this period, with more TY landfall during 1965–1978 (Period I) and 1998–2010 (Period III), and less during 1982–1995 (Period II). We find...

Oilseed rape cultivation increases the microbial richness and diversity in soils contaminated with cadmium

ecological system Xin Wang and Jiuyuan Bai contributed equally to this work. Responsible editor: Huaiying Yao * are to maintain biological productivity, sustain environmental quality, and improve animal and

bmo-miR-275 down-regulates expression of Bombyx mori sericin gene 2 in vitro

. Investigation: Ping Qian, Tao Jiang, Xin Wang, Fei Song, Chen Chen. Methodology: Ping Qian. Project administration: Xingjia Shen. Resources: Ping Qian, Xingjia Shen. Supervision: Xingjia Shen. Validation

Thickness-dependent Magnetic and Microwave Resonance Characterization of Combined Stripe Patterned FeCoBSi Films

In this paper, we fabricated a series of FeCoBSi multistoried patterned magnetic films with different thickness by traditional UV lithography method and DC sputtering deposition. Broad resonance band phenomenon was observed during high frequency property characterization, with full width half maximum (FWHM) of 4 GHz when the film thickness is 45 nm. The broad resonance band...

Distinguishing f(R) theories from general relativity by gravitational lensing effect

The post-Newtonian formulation of a general class of f(R) theories is set up in a third-order approximation. It turns out that the information of a specific form of f(R) gravity is encoded in the Yukawa potential, which is contained in the perturbative expansion of the metric components. Although the Yukawa potential is canceled in the second-order expression of the effective...

Analysing increasing trends of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) and dengue cases in Hong Kong using meteorological data

from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xiujuan Tang, Shi Zhao, Alice P. Y. Chiu, Xin Wang, Lin Yang, Daihai He. Data curation: Xiujuan Tang, Shi Zhao ... , Alice P. Y. Chiu, Xin Wang, Lin Yang, Daihai He. Formal analysis: Xiujuan Tang, Shi Zhao, Xin Wang, Lin Yang, Daihai He. Funding acquisition: Xin Wang. Investigation: Shi Zhao, Alice P. Y. Chiu, Lin Yang

Adverse obstetric outcomes in pregnant women with uterine fibroids in China: A multicenter survey involving 112,403 deliveries

Zhao, Xin Wang, Yi Chen. Methodology: Rong Zhao, Weiyuan Zhang. Data curation: Rong Zhao, Xin Wang, Liying Zou, Guanghui Li, Yi Chen, Changdong Li. Project administration: Rong Zhao, Weiyuan Zhang ... . Resources: Xin Wang, Liying Zou, Changdong Li, Weiyuan Zhang. Software: Rong Zhao, Liying Zou. Supervision: Xin Wang, Weiyuan Zhang. Validation: Yi Chen, Weiyuan Zhang. Visualization: Rong Zhao, Weiyuan

How the ovules get enclosed in magnoliaceous carpels

Angiosperms distinguish themselves from gymnosperms by their ovules that are enclosed before pollination. However, how the ovules get enclosed in angiosperms remains a mystery, especially for Magnoliaceae. The only key to this mystery is finding a series of carpels transitional from fully closed with enclosed ovules to open with naked ovules. We use routine paraffin section...

Molecular and functional analysis of monoclonal antibodies in support of biologics development

, vascular endothelial growth factor COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES The authors (Xin Wang, Zhiqiang An, Wenxin Luo, Ningshao Xia, and Qinjian Zhao) declared no conflict of interests. No human subjects or

Comparison of clinical performance between trifocal and bifocal intraocular lenses: A meta-analysis

CERTIFICATE. (PDF) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Zequan Xu, Xu Chen, Qiang Wu. Data curation: Zequan Xu, Xin Wang. Formal analysis: Zequan Xu, Danmin Cao. Funding acquisition: Qiang Wu ... . Investigation: Zequan Xu. Methodology: Zequan Xu, Xin Wang. Project administration: Danmin Cao, Xu Chen, Qiang Wu. Software: Zequan Xu, Song Wu. Supervision: Qiang Wu. Validation: Xu Chen. Writing ± original

Hexokinase 2 (HK2), the tumor promoter in glioma, is downregulated by miR-218/Bmi1 pathway

, Xiaoshan Xu. Methodology: Yingduan Cheng, Xin Wang. Project administration: Nan Liu. Resources: Yanyang Tu. Supervision: Yanyang Tu. Validation: Weilin Jin, Hongwei Yang. Visualization: Hui Liu

Prophylactic penehyclidine inhalation for prevention of postoperative pulmonary complications in high-risk patients: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Postoperative pulmonary complications (PPCs) are major causes of morbidity, mortality, and prolonged hospital stay in patients after surgery. Using effective strategies to prevent its occurrence is essential to improve outcome. However, despite various efforts, the incidence of PPCs remains elevated in high-risk patients. Anticholinergic inhalation is used to reduce high airway...