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Thinning of antenna array via adaptive memetic particle swarm optimization

Massive multiple input multiple output antenna array is crucial for the fifth generation wireless communication. Proper antenna array design can reduce interference among different signals and generate desirable beamforming. Sparse antenna array is able to form narrower beam with lower sidelobe than equally spaced antenna array given the same number of array elements. However, ...

Constraints on inflation revisited: an analysis including the latest local measurement of the Hubble constant

We revisit the constraints on inflation models by using the current cosmological observations involving the latest local measurement of the Hubble constant (\(H_{0} = 73.00\pm 1.75\) km s \(^{-1}\) Mpc\(^{-1}\)). We constrain the primordial power spectra of both scalar and tensor perturbations with the observational data including the Planck 2015 CMB full data, the BICEP2 and Keck ...

Evaluating the versatility of EEG models generated from motor imagery tasks: An exploratory investigation on upper-limb elbow-centered motor imagery tasks

goal-oriented motor imagery tasks. 16 / 20 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Carlo Menon. Data curation: Xin Zhang. Formal analysis: Xin Zhang. Funding acquisition: Carlo Menon. Investigation ... : Xin Zhang. Methodology: Xin Zhang. Project administration: Xin Zhang, Carlo Menon. Resources: Xin Zhang. Software: Xin Zhang. Supervision: Carlo Menon. Validation: Xin Zhang. Visualization: Xin

Reexploration of interacting holographic dark energy model: cases of interaction term excluding the Hubble parameter

In this paper, we make a deep analysis for the five typical interacting holographic dark energy models with the interaction terms \(Q=3\beta H_{0}\rho _\mathrm{{de}}\), \(Q=3\beta H_{0}\rho _\mathrm{{c}}\), \(Q=3\beta H_{0}(\rho _\mathrm{{de}}+\rho _\mathrm{c})\), \(Q=3\beta H_{0}\sqrt{\rho _\mathrm{{de}}\rho _\mathrm{c}}\), and \(Q=3\beta H_{0}\frac{\rho _\mathrm{{de}}\rho ...

Examining a renormalizable supersymmetric SO(10) model

We examine a renormalizable SUSY SO(10) model without fine-tuning. We show how to construct MSSM doublets and to predict proton decay. We find that in the minimal set of Yukawa couplings the model is consistent with the experiments, while including \(120_H\) to fit the data there are inconsistencies.

Users’ participation and social influence during information spreading on Twitter

data. The solid envelope line follows power law distribution, y = axb, where a = 2308.4 ± 2.6 and b = 5.79 ± 0.012. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xin Zhang, Ding-Ding Han. Data curation: Xin ... Zhang. Formal analysis: Xin Zhang, Ziqiao Zhang. Investigation: Xin Zhang. Methodology: Xin Zhang. Resources: Xin Zhang. Software: Xin Zhang. Validation: Xin Zhang. Visualization: Xin Zhang

Sulfur dioxide alleviates programmed cell death in barley aleurone by acting as an antioxidant

layers and H2S and NO may mediate SO2's role in alleviating PCD. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Sha-Sha Wang, Ying-Xin Zhang, Jun Tang, Kang-Di Hu, Hua Zhang. Data curation: Sha-Sha Wang, Ying ... -Xin Zhang, Kang-Di Hu. Formal analysis: Sha-Sha Wang, Ying-Xin Zhang. Funding acquisition: Jun Tang, Kang-Di Hu, Hua Zhang. Investigation: Sha-Sha Wang, Ying-Xin Zhang, Feng Yang, Jun Tang

Nonuniform antenna array design by parallelizing three-parent crossover genetic algorithm

Antenna plays a very important role in wireless communication. Array elements laid out nonuniformly could achieve better frequency reliability and lower sidelobe level than uniform spaced elements. Designing desirable nonuniform antenna array requires the tuning of distances between each element, excitation, amplitude, and so on. Such design problem can be solved by genetic ...

A search for sterile neutrinos with the latest cosmological observations

We report the result of a search for sterile neutrinos with the latest cosmological observations. Both cases of massless and massive sterile neutrinos are considered in the \(\Lambda \)CDM cosmology. The cosmological observations used in this work include the Planck 2015 temperature and polarization data, the baryon acoustic oscillation data, the Hubble constant direct measurement ...

A non-revisiting artificial bee colony algorithm for phased array synthesis

An effective non-revisiting artificial bee colony (NrABC) algorithm based on the paradigm of artificial bee colony (ABC) is developed in this paper. NrABC is applied to tackle the synthesis of phased linear arrays. Pros and cons of NrABC is provided along with a comparison to standard ABC. Binary space partitioning tree structure is used to record history evolutionary information. ...

Quantitative thyroglobulin response to radioactive iodine treatment in predicting radioactive iodine-refractory thyroid cancer with pulmonary metastasis

: Chen Wang, Yansong Lin. Data curation: Chen Wang, Xin Zhang. Formal analysis: Chen Wang, Xin Zhang. Funding acquisition: Yansong Lin. Methodology: Xin Zhang, Hui Li, Xin Li. Project administration ... : Hui Li, Xin Li. Resources: Chen Wang, Xin Li. Software: Hui Li, Xin Li. Supervision: Xin Li. Validation: Xin Zhang, Hui Li. Visualization: Chen Wang, Hui Li. Writing ± original draft: Chen Wang

MicroRNA expression analysis of feline and canine parvovirus infection in vivo (felis)

Conceptualization: Shoujun Li. Data curation: Pei Zhou. Formal analysis: Pei Zhou. Investigation: Pei Zhou. Methodology: Pei Zhou, Xin Zhang, Weijie Zeng, Qingxu Zheng, Xiangqi Hao, Xi Lin, Yun Zheng, Lifang

How the ovules get enclosed in magnoliaceous carpels

Angiosperms distinguish themselves from gymnosperms by their ovules that are enclosed before pollination. However, how the ovules get enclosed in angiosperms remains a mystery, especially for Magnoliaceae. The only key to this mystery is finding a series of carpels transitional from fully closed with enclosed ovules to open with naked ovules. We use routine paraffin section ...

Dynamic behaviors of a modified SIR model in epidemic diseases using nonlinear incidence and recovery rates

The transmission of infectious diseases has been studied by mathematical methods since 1760s, among which SIR model shows its advantage in its epidemiological description of spread mechanisms. Here we established a modified SIR model with nonlinear incidence and recovery rates, to understand the influence by any government intervention and hospitalization condition variation in the ...

Population-adaptive differential evolution-based power allocation algorithm for cognitive radio networks

Zhang 0 1 0 Tianjin Key Laboratory of Wireless Mobile Communications and Power Transmission, Tianjin Normal University , Tianjin , China 1 College of Electronic and Communication Engineering, Tianjin

Genome-wide association study for grain yield and related traits in elite wheat varieties and advanced lines using SNP markers

-Xing Wang, Yu-Lei Zhu, De-Xin Zhang, Hui Shao, Peng Liu, Jian-Bang Hu, Heng Zhang, Jie Lu. Formal analysis: Yu-Lei Zhu, Hui Shao. Funding acquisition: Hai-Ping Zhang, Cheng Chang, Chuan-Xi Ma

Comparison of dark energy models after Planck 2015

We make a comparison for ten typical, popular dark energy models according to their capabilities of fitting the current observational data. The observational data we use in this work include the JLA sample of type Ia supernovae observation, the Planck 2015 distance priors of cosmic microwave background observation, the baryon acoustic oscillations measurements, and the direct ...

Synthesis and biological evaluation of tricyclic matrinic derivatives as a class of novel anti-HCV agents

Background 12N-benzyl matrinic acid analogues had been identified to be a novel scaffold of anti-HCV agents with a specific mechanism, and the representative compound 1 demonstrated a moderate anti-HCV activity. The intensive structure–activity relationship of this kind of compounds is explored so as to obtain anti-HCV candidates with good druglike nature. Results Taking compound 1 ...