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NEV supply chain coordination and sustainability considering sales effort and risk aversion under the CVaR criterion

(T = 500, Y = 40000, η = 0.9). (FIG) S1 File. Numerical experiments code (matlab). (DOCX) Investigation: Shifeng Han. Methodology: Shifeng Han. Supervision: Xingzhong Xu. Validation: Xingzhong Xu

Generalization of Gracia's Results

Hubei University 3 Xingzhong Xu Hubei University 4 Jun Liao, Heguo Liu , Yulei Wang, Zuohui Wu, and Xingzhong Xu Follow this and additional works at: - http ... :// GENERALIZATION OF GRACIA’S RESULTS∗ JUN LIAO† , HEGUO LIU†, YULEI WANG‡ , ZUOHUI WU†, AND XINGZHONG XU† AMS subject classifications. 15A24, 15A27. 1. Introduction. The notation used in