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A pilot study of pre-operative motor dysfunction from gliomas in the region of corticospinal tract: Evaluation with diffusion tensor imaging

conflicts of interest-Bo Gao. (PDF) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Bo Gao, Mark S. Shiroishi, Zhiqian Li, Guiquan Shen. Data curation: Bo Gao, Xudong Shen, Mark S. Shiroishi, Mingfan Pang, Zhiqian ... Li, Benxia Yu, Guiquan Shen. Formal analysis: Bo Gao, Xudong Shen, Mark S. Shiroishi, Zhiqian Li, Benxia Yu, Guiquan Shen. Funding acquisition: Bo Gao, Zhiqian Li, Guiquan Shen. Investigation: Bo

Structures of an all-α protein running along the DNA major groove

Despite over 3300 protein–DNA complex structures have been reported in the past decades, there remain some unknown recognition patterns between protein and target DNA. The silkgland-specific transcription factor FMBP-1 from the silkworm Bombyx mori contains a unique DNA-binding domain of four tandem STPRs, namely the score and three amino acid peptide repeats. Here we report...

MicroRNA Expression Profile in Penile Cancer Revealed by Next-Generation Small RNA Sequencing

Penile cancer (PeCa) is a relatively rare tumor entity but possesses higher morbidity and mortality rates especially in developing countries. To date, the concrete pathogenic signaling pathways and core machineries involved in tumorigenesis and progression of PeCa remain to be elucidated. Several studies suggested miRNAs, which modulate gene expression at posttranscriptional...

Identification of Hub Genes Related to the Recovery Phase of Irradiation Injury by Microarray and Integrated Gene Network Analysis

Background Irradiation commonly causes long-term bone marrow injury charactertized by defective HSC self-renewal and a decrease in HSC reserve. However, the effect of high-dose IR on global gene expression during bone marrow recovery remains unknown. Methodology Microarray analysis was used to identify differentially expressed genes that are likely to be critical for bone marrow...