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Reservoir characteristics and three-dimensional architectural structure of a complex fault-block reservoir, beach area, China

, beach area, China Xue Li 0 Ning Zhou 0 Xing Xie 0 0 School of Petroleum Engineering, Changzhou University , Changzhou 213164 , China The objective area in this paper is a complex fault-block reservoir

Load curve smoothing strategy based on unified state model of different demand side resources

appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. Xue LI received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Tennessee

Infarct morphology assessment in patients with carotid artery/middle cerebral artery occlusion using fast fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) vascular hyperintensity (FVH)

We aim to evaluate the value of fast fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) vascular hyperintensity (FVH) in assessing infarct morphology in patients with symptomatic internal carotid artery (ICA) or middle cerebral artery (MCA) occlusions. Magnetic resonance (MR) diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) FLAIR sequences, and carotid/cerebral magnetic resonance angiography of 102...

The herbal decoction modified Danggui Buxue Tang attenuates immune-mediated bone marrow failure by regulating the differentiation of T lymphocytes in an immune-induced aplastic anemia mouse model

Conceptualization: Limin Chai. Data curation: Peiying Deng, Xue Li, Yi Wei. Formal analysis: Peiying Deng, Xue Li, Yi Wei, Juan Liu, Meng Chen. Funding acquisition: Limin Chai. Investigation: Lingqun Zhu, Limin

Illumina sequencing-based community analysis of bacteria associated with different bryophytes collected from Tibet, China

Background Previous studies on the bacteria associated with the bryophytes showed that there were abundant bacteria inhabited in/on these hosts. However, the type of bacteria and whether these discriminate between different bryophytes based on a particular factor remains largely unknown. Results This study was designed to analyze the biodiversity and community of the bacteria...

MODIS land cover uncertainty in regional climate simulations

MODIS land cover datasets are used extensively across the climate modeling community, but inherent uncertainties and associated propagating impacts are rarely discussed. This paper modeled uncertainties embedded within the annual MODIS Land Cover Type (MCD12Q1) products and propagated these uncertainties through the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS). First, land cover...

Pullback D -attractors for three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations with nonlinear damping

We investigate the asymptotic behavior of solutions of the non-autonomous Navier-Stokes equation with nonlinear damping in three-dimensional bounded domain. When 3 < β ≤ 5 , the existence of pullback attractors is proved in V and H 2 ( Ω ) , respectively. MSC: 35Q30, 35Q35, 35B40.

PceRBase: a database of plant competing endogenous RNA

Competition for microRNA (miRNA) binding between RNA molecules has emerged as a novel mechanism for the regulation of eukaryotic gene expression. Competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA) can act as decoys for miRNA binding, thereby forming a ceRNA network by regulating the abundance of other RNA transcripts which share the same or similar microRNA response elements. Although this type of...

Impact of dexmedetomidine on the incidence of delirium in elderly patients after cardiac surgery: A randomized controlled trial

Background Delirium is a frequent complication after cardiac surgery and its occurrence is associated with poor outcomes. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of perioperative dexmedetomidine administration on the incidence of delirium in elderly patients after cardiac surgery. Methods This randomized, double-blinded, and placebo-controlled trial was conducted...

Strand-specific RNA-Seq transcriptome analysis of genotypes with and without low-phosphorus tolerance provides novel insights into phosphorus-use efficiency in maize

Qingguo Du 0 Kai Wang 0 Cheng Xu Cheng Zou Chuanxiao Xie Yunbi Xu Wen-Xue Li 0 Equal contributors National Key Facility for Crop Gene Resources and Genetic Improvement, Institute of Crop Science, Chinese

Journal Impact Factor: Do the Numerator and Denominator Need Correction?

To correct the incongruence of document types between the numerator and denominator in the traditional impact factor (IF), we make a corresponding adjustment to its formula and present five corrective IFs: IFTotal/Total, IFTotal/AREL, IFAR/AR, IFAREL/AR, and IFAREL/AREL. Based on a survey of researchers in the fields of ophthalmology and mathematics, we obtained the real impact...

MTD: a mammalian transcriptomic database to explore gene expression and regulation

A systematic transcriptome survey is essential for the characterization and comprehension of the molecular basis underlying phenotypic variations. Recently developed RNA-seq methodology has facilitated efficient data acquisition and information mining of transcriptomes in multiple tissues/cell lines. Current mammalian transcriptomic databases are either tissue-specific or species...

Erratum to: Pollen morphology of Indigofera (Fabaceae) in China and its taxonomic implications

Sciences , Beijing 100049 , China 1 Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences , P.O. Box 416, Chengdu 610041, Sichuan , China 2 Xue-Li Zhao , Xin-Fen Gao, Bo Xu Unfortunately, the author

A genome-wide identification and analysis of the DYW-deaminase genes in the pentatricopeptide repeat gene family in cotton (Gossypium spp.)

The RNA editing occurring in plant organellar genomes mainly involves the change of cytidine to uridine. This process involves a deamination reaction, with cytidine deaminase as the catalyst. Pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) proteins with a C-terminal DYW domain are reportedly associated with cytidine deamination, similar to members of the deaminase superfamily. PPR genes are...

Effects of T-Type Calcium Channel Blockers on Renal Function and Aldosterone in Patients with Hypertension: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Background High blood pressure can cause kidney damage, which can increase blood pressure, leading to a vicious cycle. It is not clear whether the protective effects of T-type calcium channel blockers (T-type CCBs) on renal function are better than those of L-type CCBs or renin-angiotensin system (RAS) antagonists in patients with hypertension. Methods and Findings PUBMED...

Vascular tortuosity in relationship with hypertension and posterior fossa volume in hemifacial spasm

Background Hemifacial spasm (HFS) is a disabling neurological condition. Vascular tortuosity in HFS patients has not been quantified objectively and its relationship with hypertension and posterior fossa volume (PF) is unknown. In a case control magnetic resonance imaging and angiographic (MRI/A) study, we quantified and compared the vascular tortuosity in HFS and controls, and...

Guest editorial: web of things

the IEEE and the ACM. Dr. Xue Li a full Professor in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at University of Queensland (UQ), Australia. He obtained the PhD degree in

Apical Secretion of FSTL1 in the Respiratory Epithelium for Normal Lung Development

Follistatin-like 1 (FSTL1) is a secreted bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) antagonist, and it plays a crucial role in normal lung development. Deletion of Fstl1 leads to postnatal death in mice due to respiratory failure. To further explore the role of FSTL1 in mouse lung development, we created a transgene SFTPC-Fstl1 allele mouse displaying significant epithelial overexpression...