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Helicobacter pylori sabA gene is associated with iron deficiency anemia in childhood and adolescence

Kato, Takako Osaki, Shigeru Kamiya, Martin J. Blaser. Data curation: Seiichi Kato, Takako Osaki, Shigeru Kamiya, Martin J. Blaser. Formal analysis: Seiichi Kato, Takako Osaki, Xue-Song Zhang, Martin J ... , Takako Osaki, Shigeru Kamiya, Martin J. Blaser. Writing ± review & editing: Seiichi Kato, Takako Osaki, Xue-Song Zhang, Martin J. Blaser. 13 / 15 16. 14 / 15 1. Kato S , Nishino Y , Ozawa K , Konno M

A Specific A/T Polymorphism in Western Tyrosine Phosphorylation B-Motifs Regulates Helicobacter pylori CagA Epithelial Cell Interactions

Helicobacter pylori persistently colonizes the human stomach, with mixed roles in human health. The CagA protein, a key host-interaction factor, is translocated by a type IV secretion system into host epithelial cells, where its EPIYA tyrosine phosphorylation motifs (TPMs) are recognized by host cell kinases, leading to multiple host cell signaling cascades. The CagA TPMs have been ...

Phylogeographic evidence of cognate recognition site patterns and transformation efficiency differences in H. pylori: theory of strain dominance

Background Helicobacter pylori has diverged in parallel to its human host, leading to distinct phylogeographic populations. Recent evidence suggests that in the current human mixing in Latin America, European H. pylori (hpEurope) are increasingly dominant at the expense of Amerindian haplotypes (hspAmerind). This phenomenon might occur via DNA recombination, modulated by ...

Protein Translation and Cell Death: The Role of Rare tRNAs in Biofilm Formation and in Activating Dormant Phage Killer Genes

We discovered previously that the small Escherichia coli proteins Hha (hemolysin expression modulating protein) and the adjacent, poorly-characterized YbaJ are important for biofilm formation; however, their roles have been nebulous. Biofilms are intricate communities in which cell signaling often converts single cells into primitive tissues. Here we show that Hha decreases biofilm ...

Natural Transformation of Helicobacter pylori Involves the Integration of Short DNA Fragments Interrupted by Gaps of Variable Size

Helicobacter pylori are gram-negative bacteria notable for their high level of genetic diversity and plasticity, features that may play a key role in the organism's ability to colonize the human stomach. Homeologous natural transformation, a key contributor to genomic diversification, has been well-described for H. pylori. To examine the mechanisms involved, we performed ...