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CD25 and TGF-β blockade based on predictive integrated immune ratio inhibits tumor growth in pancreatic cancer

The prognosis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) remains poor due to the difficulty of disease diagnosis and therapy. Immunotherapy has had robust performance against several malignancies, including PDAC. In this study, we aim to analyze the expression of CD8 and FoxP3 on T lymphocytes and TGF-β expression in tumor tissues, and then analyze the possible clinical...

Effect of HA330 resin-directed hemoadsorption on a porcine acute respiratory distress syndrome model

Background Blood purification is an emerging approach to dampening the cytokine storm. This study aims to assess the efficacy of HA330 resin-directed hemoadsorption (HA) on endotoxin-induced porcine acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) model. Methods Twenty-four Chinese domestic pigs were allocated into saline group receiving intravenous infusion of saline (N = 6) and...

The ethylene response factor AtERF4 negatively regulates the iron deficiency response in Arabidopsis thaliana

sequences used in this study. (DOCX) Author Contributions Data curation: Wei Liu, Yafei Yang. Formal analysis: Wei Liu, Ting Wu, Xuefeng Xu, Zhenhai Han. Methodology: Xinzhong Zhang. Project ... administration: Yi Wang. Software: Xinzhong Zhang, Xuefeng Xu, Zhenhai Han. Writing ± original draft: Wei Liu, N. J. Umuhoza Karemera, Yi Wang. 18 / 22 19 / 22 20 / 22 21 / 22 1. Briat JF , Fobis-Loisy I

Triboluminescence dominated by crystallographic orientation

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Down-regulation of USP13 mediates phenotype transformation of fibroblasts in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Background Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a fatal disease characterized by fibroblastic foci and progressive scarring of the pulmonary parenchyma. IPF fibroblasts display increased proliferation and enhanced migration and invasion, analogous to cancer cells. This transformation-like phenotype of fibroblasts plays an important role in the development of pulmonary fibrosis...