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Architecture of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex

Zhang. Na Yang and Rui-min Xu provided the nucleosome core particles (NCP). Zhihui Zhang reconstructed the 3D structures under stain of SWI/SNF-NCP assembly and the SWI/SNF deletion mutants. Xuejuan Wang ... . Zhenrui Ding purified the wild type SWI/SNF complex and assembled the SWI/SNF-NCP. Gang Cai designed all the experiments, analyzed data and wrote the manuscript with Xuejuan Wang. Zhihui Zhang, Xuejuan

Crystal structure of DnaT84–153-dT10 ssDNA complex reveals a novel single-stranded DNA binding mode

DnaT is a primosomal protein that is required for the stalled replication fork restart in Escherichia coli. As an adapter, DnaT mediates the PriA-PriB-ssDNA ternary complex and the DnaB/C complex. However, the fundamental function of DnaT during PriA-dependent primosome assembly is still a black box. Here, we report the 2.83 Å DnaT84–153-dT10 ssDNA complex structure, which...

Structural flexibility and functional interaction of mediator Cdk8 module

polymerase II; WT, wide type Cdk8 module; ΔCdk8, Cdk8 deletion mutant; ΔMed12, Med12 deletion mutant; ΔMed13, Med13 deletion mutant COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES Xuejuan Wang, Jianye Wang, Zhenrui Ding

Crystal and EM Structures of Human Phosphoribosyl Pyrophosphate Synthase I (PRS1) Provide Novel Insights into the Disease-Associated Mutations

Human PRS1, which is indispensable for the biosynthesis of nucleotides, deoxynucleotides and their derivatives, is associated directly with multiple human diseases because of single base mutation. However, a molecular understanding of the effect of these mutations is hampered by the lack of understanding of its catalytic mechanism. Here, we reconstruct the 3D EM structure of the...