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Architecture of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex

Zhang. Na Yang and Rui-min Xu provided the nucleosome core particles (NCP). Zhihui Zhang reconstructed the 3D structures under stain of SWI/SNF-NCP assembly and the SWI/SNF deletion mutants. Xuejuan Wang ... . Zhenrui Ding purified the wild type SWI/SNF complex and assembled the SWI/SNF-NCP. Gang Cai designed all the experiments, analyzed data and wrote the manuscript with Xuejuan Wang. Zhihui Zhang, Xuejuan

Crystal structure of DnaT84–153-dT10 ssDNA complex reveals a novel single-stranded DNA binding mode

DnaT is a primosomal protein that is required for the stalled replication fork restart in Escherichia coli. As an adapter, DnaT mediates the PriA-PriB-ssDNA ternary complex and the DnaB/C complex. However, the fundamental function of DnaT during PriA-dependent primosome assembly is still a black box. Here, we report the 2.83 Å DnaT84–153-dT10 ssDNA complex structure, which...

Crystal and EM Structures of Human Phosphoribosyl Pyrophosphate Synthase I (PRS1) Provide Novel Insights into the Disease-Associated Mutations

Human PRS1, which is indispensable for the biosynthesis of nucleotides, deoxynucleotides and their derivatives, is associated directly with multiple human diseases because of single base mutation. However, a molecular understanding of the effect of these mutations is hampered by the lack of understanding of its catalytic mechanism. Here, we reconstruct the 3D EM structure of the...

Structural flexibility and functional interaction of mediator Cdk8 module

polymerase II; WT, wide type Cdk8 module; ΔCdk8, Cdk8 deletion mutant; ΔMed12, Med12 deletion mutant; ΔMed13, Med13 deletion mutant COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES Xuejuan Wang, Jianye Wang, Zhenrui Ding