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Massive 2-form field and holographic ferromagnetic phase transition

In this paper we investigate in some detail the holographic ferromagnetic phase transition in an AdS4 black brane background by introducing a massive 2-form field coupled to the Maxwell field strength in the bulk. In two probe limits, one is to neglect the back reaction of the 2-form field to the background geometry and to the Maxwell field, and the other to neglect the back...

Five-dimensional generalized \(f(R)\) gravity with curvatureā€“matter coupling

The generalized \(f(R)\) gravity with curvatureā€“matter coupling in five-dimensional (5D) spacetime can be established by assuming a hypersurface-orthogonal space-like Killing vector field of 5D spacetime, and it can be reduced to the 4D formalism of FRW universe. This theory is quite general and can give the corresponding results for Einstein gravity, and \(f(R)\) gravity with...