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High energy QCD at NLO: from light-cone wave function to JIMWLK evolution

Soft components of the light cone wave-function of a fast moving projectile hadron is computed in perturbation theory to the third order in QCD coupling constant. At this order, the Fock space of the soft modes consists of one-gluon, two-gluon, and a quark-antiquark states. The hard component of the wave-function acts as a non-Abelian background field for the soft modes and is...

NLO JIMWLK evolution unabridged

In ref. [1] we presented the JIMWLK Hamiltonian for high energy evolution of QCD amplitudes at the next-to-leading order accuracy in α s . In the present paper we provide details of our original derivation, which was not reported in [1], and provide the Hamiltonian in the form appropriate for action on color singlet as well as color nonsinglet states. The rapidity evolution of...

Conformal symmetry of JIMWLK evolution at NLO

We construct the Next to Leading Order JIMWLK Hamiltonian for high energy evolution in \( \mathcal{N} \) = 4 SUSY theory, and show that it possesses conformal invariance, even though it is derived using sharp cutoff on rapidity variable. The conformal transformation properties of Wilson lines are not quite the naive ones, but at NLO acquire an additional anomalous piece. We...