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Myeloid-specific targeting of Notch ameliorates murine renal fibrosis via reduced infiltration and activation of bone marrow-derived macrophage

fibrosis; Notch signaling; macrophages; heterogeneity; EMT - Yali Jiang and Yuanyuan Wang contributed equally to this work. Finally, we found that myeloid-specific Notch activation aggravated renal ... tubular epithelial cells; RBP-J, recombination signal binding protein-Jκ; SPF, specific pathogen free; UUO, unilateral ureteral obstruction. AUTHOR CONTRIBUTIONS Yali Jiang and Yuanyuan Wang conducted the

Impaired Frontal-Basal Ganglia Connectivity in Male Adolescents with Conduct Disorder

Alack of inhibition control has been found in subjects with conduct disorder (CD), but the underlying neuropathophysiology remains poorly understood. The current study investigated the different mechanism of inhibition control in adolescent-onset CD males (n = 29) and well-matched healthy controls (HCs) (n = 40) when performing a GoStop task by functional magnetic resonance...