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Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth and nitrogen uptake of Chrysanthemum morifolium under salt stress

Wang. Project administration: Yanhong Wang. Software: Aiping Wu. Supervision: Yanhong Wang. Writing ± original draft: Yanhong Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Yan Li, Aiping Wu. 12 / 14 13 / 14 1

Corrosion resistance and cytocompatibility of Ti-20Zr-10Nb-4Ta alloy surface modified by a focused fiber laser

(metallic materials) at Beihang University continuously. His research interests focus on the technique improving surface of metallic materials. Yan Li is a professor of the School of Materials Science and

Complete chloroplast genome of seven Fritillaria species, variable DNA markers identification and phylogenetic relationships within the genus

providing linguistic assistance during the preparation of this manuscript. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Guanghui Lv. Formal analysis: Yan Li. Funding acquisition: Junbo Yang. Methodology ... : Zhirong Zhang. Writing ± original draft: Yan Li. Writing ± review & editing: Junbo Yang, Guanghui Lv. 14 / 17 20. 15 / 17 16 / 17 57. 1. Rønsted N , Law S , Thornton H , Fay MF , Chase MW . Molecular

Contrasting response of coexisting plant’s water-use patterns to experimental precipitation manipulation in an alpine grassland community of Qinghai Lake watershed, China

/ 18 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Huawu Wu, Xiao-Yan Li. Data curation: Jing Li, Jinzhao Liu, Zhiyun Jiang, Cicheng Zhang. Formal analysis: Zhiyun Jiang. Software: Jing Li. Writing ... ± original draft: Huawu Wu. Writing ± review & editing: Xiao-Yan Li, Bin He. 16 / 18 17 / 18 1. Unger S , Jongen M. Consequences of Changing Precipitation Patterns for Ecosystem Functioning in Grasslands: A

Relationships between carbon fluxes and environmental factors in a drip-irrigated, film-mulched cotton field in arid region

), National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.31470708, U1503182, 41501205 & 41271202). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yan Li. Data curation: Xiaoyu Li, Lijuan Liu. Formal analysis: Xiaoyu Li ... , Huijin Yang. Funding acquisition: Xiaoyu Li. 14 / 18 Methodology: Lijuan Liu, Huijin Yang. Project administration: Xiaoyu Li. Resources: Lijuan Liu. Supervision: Yan Li. Writing ± original draft

Integrated approach for identifying and evaluating the quality of Marsdenia tenacissima in the medicine market

: Yan-li Wang, Hai-ping Zhang. Methodology: Yu-long Wei, Yue Zhu. Software: Ning Yu, Yu-long Wei. Supervision: Yue Zhu. Validation: Ning Zhu, Yan-li Wang, Hai-ping Zhang. Writing ± original draft

A Chinese version of the Language Screening Test (CLAST) for early-stage stroke patients

replaced pictures. 12 / 14 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Hongyan Yang, Shenghua Tian, Constance Flamand-Roze, Ling Gao, Wei Zhang, Yan Li, Jiajia Wang, Zhou Sun, Ying Su, Libin Zhao, Zhihou ... Liang. Data curation: Zhou Sun, Ying Su, Zhihou Liang. Formal analysis: Hongyan Yang, Shenghua Tian, Constance Flamand-Roze, Ling Gao, Wei Zhang, Yan Li, Jiajia Wang, Zhou Sun, Ying Su, Libin Zhao

Active DNA demethylation: mechanism and role in plant development

Active DNA demethylation (enzymatic removal of methylated cytosine) regulates many plant developmental processes. In Arabidopsis, active DNA demethylation entails the base excision repair pathway initiated by the Repressor of silencing 1/Demeter family of bifunctional DNA glycosylases. In this review, we first present an introduction to the recent advances in our understanding...

Fluctuation-driven price dynamics and investment strategies

) Acknowledgments and 11505099. This work was supported in part by NNSF of China under Grant Nos. 11775186, 11375149 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yan Li, Ting-Ting Chen. Data curation: Yan Li, Ting ... -Ting Chen. Formal analysis: Yan Li, Bo Zheng, Ting-Ting Chen, Xiong-Fei Jiang. Funding acquisition: Bo Zheng, Xiong-Fei Jiang. Investigation: Yan Li, Ting-Ting Chen, Xiong-Fei Jiang. Methodology: Yan

Elastic K-means using posterior probability

. Supplementary materials.tex file. (TEX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Chris Ding. Formal analysis: Xuehan Zhang. Methodology: Bo Jiang. Supervision: Aihua Zheng. Validation: Yan Li ... . Visualization: Xuehan Zhang. Writing ± original draft: Yan Li. Writing ± review & editing: Aihua Zheng, Xuehan Zhang, Chris Ding. 14 / 16 15 / 16 1. Lechner M , Hernandez-Rosales M , Doerr D , Wieseke N

Urine proteomics of primary membranous nephropathy using nanoscale liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry analysis

, completed the patient database and helped in drafting the manuscript; All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Acknowledgements The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Dr. Yan Li of

Effect of internal pressure on springback during low pressure tube hydroforming

For the existence of bending deformation during low pressure tube hydroforming(LPTH), springback is unavoidable and deteriorate the forming accuracy. In this paper, an analytical model of springback for LPTH was proposed. The simulation and experiment were carried out to investigate the effects of the main factors on the springback, such as internal pressure, corner radius and...

Design and Experimental Study of Rotary Type High-Speed Shearer for Metal Bars

For the precision shear of bars, the kind of rotating high-speed precision cutting method has been given. The structure design of rotary precision shearing machine and the structure design of feeding structure are completed. The method of numerical simulation is used to optimize the cutting tool, and then the experiment platform is completed. Rotary impact and the stress...

ShenQi FuZheng Injection combined with chemotherapy in the treatment of colorectal cancer: A meta-analysis

Author Contributions Data curation: Rongzhong Xu, Liubing Lin, Yan Li. Formal analysis: Rongzhong Xu, Liubing Lin. Investigation: Rongzhong Xu, Liubing Lin. Methodology: Rongzhong Xu, Liubing Lin ... . Project administration: Rongzhong Xu, Liubing Lin. Software: Rongzhong Xu, Liubing Lin. Supervision: Rongzhong Xu, Liubing Lin, Yong Li, Yan Li. Writing ± original draft: Rongzhong Xu, Liubing Lin

MicroRNA-93 promotes proliferation and metastasis of gastric cancer via targeting TIMP2

Conceptualization: Hao Guan, Weiming Li, Jichang Wang, Shaoying Lu. Formal analysis: Hao Guan, Weiming Li, Jichang Wang. Funding acquisition: Hao Guan, Weiming Li, Shaoying Lu. Investigation: Hao Guan, Yan Li, Yanan

Complexity growth rates for AdS black holes in massive gravity and f(R) gravity

The “complexity = action” duality states that the quantum complexity is equal to the action of the stationary AdS black hole within the Wheeler–DeWitt patch at late time approximation. We compute the action growth rates of the neutral and charged black holes in massive gravity and the neutral, charged and Kerr–Newman black holes in f(R) gravity to test this conjecture. Besides...

Osseointegrated prostheses for rehabilitation following amputation

The direct attachment of osseointegrated (OI) prostheses to the skeleton avoids the inherent problems of socket suspension. It also provides physiological weight bearing, improved range of motion in the proximal joint, as well as osseoperceptive sensory feedback, enabling better control of the artificial limbs by amputees. The present article briefly reviews the pioneering...

The tumor-stromal ratio as a strong prognosticator for advanced gastric cancer patients: proposal of a new TSNM staging system

Background Insufficient attention is paid to the underlying tumor microenvironment (TME) evolution, that resulting in tumor heterogeneity and driving differences in cancer aggressiveness and treatment outcomes. The morphological evaluation of the proportion of the stroma at the most invasive part of primary tumor (tumor-stromal ratio, TSR) in cancer is gaining momentum as...