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Aggregated responses of human mobility to severe winter storms: An empirical study

BioBuild Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP) grant. Correspondence and requests for material should be addressed to J.E.T. (). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yan Wang, Qi Wang ... , John E. Taylor. Formal analysis: Yan Wang, Qi Wang, John E. Taylor. Funding acquisition: John E. Taylor. Investigation: Yan Wang. Methodology: Yan Wang, Qi Wang, John E. Taylor. Project administration

Modeling Method for Flexible Energy Behaviors in CNC Machining Systems

CNC machining systems are inevitably confronted with frequent changes in energy behaviors because they are widely used to perform various machining tasks. It is a challenge to understand and analyze the flexible energy behaviors in CNC machining systems. A method to model flexible energy behaviors in CNC machining systems based on hierarchical objected-oriented Petri net (HOONet...

Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomal miR-21 protects C-kit+ cardiac stem cells from oxidative injury through the PTEN/PI3K/Akt axis

China (Grant No. 81360021). Author Contributions Data curation: Bei Shi, Ranzhun Zhao. Software: Zhenglong Wang. Validation: Xianping Long. Writing ± original draft: Yan Wang. Writing ± review

Toward Exploring the Structure of Monolayer to Few-layer TaS2 by Efficient Ultrasound-free Exfoliation

Gao 0 Yan Wang 0 Kaibin Tang 0 0 Department of Chemistry, Division of Nanomaterials and Chemistry, Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale, University of Science and

Fine structure of mouthparts and feeding performance of Pyrrhocoris sibiricus Kuschakevich with remarks on the specialization of sensilla and stylets for seed feeding

Mouthpart structure and feeding behavior in the temperate firebug, Pyrrhocoris sibiricus Kuschakevich, an important pest that feeds on seeds of leguminous and gramineous plants, are described for the first time. Mouthparts were observed using scanning electron microscopy to examine the external morphology, distribution and abundance of sensilla on mouthparts. Feeding performance...

Polymorphisms in the Egl nine homolog 3 (EGLN3) and Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-alpha (PPARα) genes and their correlation with hypoxia adaptation in Tibetan chickens

. Resources: HuaDong Yin, XiaoLing Zhao. We express our sincerest gratitude to Dr. Elizabeth R. Gilbert at Virginia Tech for proofread Supervision: Yan Wang, Gang Shu, Chaowu Yang. Writing ± original draft

A CuNi/C Nanosheet Array Based on a Metal–Organic Framework Derivate as a Supersensitive Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensor

Bimetal catalysts are good alternatives for non-enzymatic glucose sensors owing to their low cost, high activity, good conductivity, and ease of fabrication. In the present study, a self-supported CuNi/C electrode prepared by electrodepositing Cu nanoparticles on a Ni-based metal–organic framework (MOF) derivate was used as a non-enzymatic glucose sensor. The porous construction...

Characterization and evaluation of avermectin solid nanodispersion prepared by microprecipitation and lyophilisation techniques

. Funding acquisition: Yan Wang, Guoqiang Liu, Haixin Cui. 12 / 15 Investigation: Bo Cui, Chunxin Wang, Xiang Zhao, Junwei Yao. Methodology: Xiang Zhao. Project administration: Bo Cui. Resources: Yan Wang

Functional connectivity analysis of distracted drivers based on the wavelet phase coherence of functional near-infrared spectroscopy signals

. Investigation: Gongcheng Xu, Mengyou Huo. Methodology: Zengyong Li. Project administration: Yan Wang, Zhian Liu. Resources: Ming Zhang. Supervision: Yan Wang, Mengyou Huo. Validation: Ming Zhang, Congcong Huo

Evaluation of 22G fine-needle aspiration (FNA) versus fine-needle biopsy (FNB) for endoscopic ultrasound-guided sampling of pancreatic lesions: a prospective comparison study

Dr. Li Tian, Dr. An-liu Tang, Dr. Lei Zhang, Dr. Xiao-wen Liu, Dr. Jing-bo Li, Prof. Fen Wang, Prof. Shou-rong Shen, and Prof. Xiao-yan Wang have no conflicts of interest or financial ties to disclose

Effects of equol on multiple K+ channels stably expressed in HEK 293 cells

(3502Z20150050) from Department of Xiamen Science and Technology, Xiamen, China. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xiu-Ling Deng, Yan Wang, Guo-Sheng Xiao. Data curation: Xiu-Ling Deng, Guo-Sheng Xiao ... . Formal analysis: Xiu-Ling Deng, Guo-Sheng Xiao. 13 / 17 Funding acquisition: Xiu-Ling Deng, Yan Wang. Investigation: Xiu-Ling Deng, Guo-Sheng Xiao. Methodology: Xiu-Ling Deng, Guo-Sheng Xiao. Project

Effects of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS)-pretreated human amnion-derived mesenchymal stem cell (hAD-MSC) transplantation on primary ovarian insufficiency in rats

Background Human amnion-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hAD-MSCs) have the features of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) can promote the expression of various growth factors and anti-inflammatory molecules that are necessary to keep the follicle growing and to reduce granulosa cell (GC) apoptosis in the ovary. This study aims to explore the...

Fabrication, Characterization, and Biological Activity of Avermectin Nano-delivery Systems with Different Particle Sizes

Nano-delivery systems for the active ingredients of pesticides can improve the utilization rates of pesticides and prolong their control effects. This is due to the nanocarrier envelope and controlled release function. However, particles containing active ingredients in controlled release pesticide formulations are generally large and have wide size distributions. There have been...

Identification of molecular pathway changes after spinal cord injury by microarray analysis

Background Spinal cord injury (SCI) is highly related to the devastating sensory and motor dysfunction. Methods The GSE45006 gene expression profile dataset was downloaded from Gene Expression Omnibus, which was collected from 24 rats including 20 animals with injured T7 spinal cords using an aneurysm clip impact-compression injury model and killed after 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2...

Transcriptomic analysis of chicken Myozenin 3 regulation reveals its potential role in cell proliferation

for provide us valuable ideas about chicken muscle color and help us housing the chicken for our experiment. 16 / 20 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Diyan Li, Yan Wang. Data curation: Maosen ... Ye, Liutao He, Bin Luo. Formal analysis: Maosen Ye, Fuling Yang. Funding acquisition: Yan Wang, Qing Zhu. Investigation: Fei Ye, Qing Zhu. Methodology: Fei Ye. Project administration: Fei Ye

Generating integrable lattice hierarchies by some matrix and operator Lie algebras

Two types of matrix Lie algebras are presented. We make use of the first loop algebra to obtain a new ( 1 + 1 ) -dimensional integrable discrete hierarchy, which generalizes a result given by Gordoa et al., whose reduction is a discrete modified KdV system. Then we produce another new ( 2 + 1 ) -dimensional integrable discrete hierarchy with three fields under a ( 2 + 1...

Recovery of iron from copper tailings via low-temperature direct reduction and magnetic separation: process optimization and mineralogical study

Cheng-yan Wang Bao-zhong Ma Yong-Qiang Chen Currently, the majority of copper tailings are not effectively developed. Worldwide, large amounts of copper tailings generated from copper production are