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Validity of Maxwell equal area law for black holes conformally coupled to scalar fields in \(\text {AdS}_5\) spacetime

We investigate the \(P{-}V\) criticality and the Maxwell equal area law for a five-dimensional spherically symmetric AdS black hole with a scalar hair in the absence of and in the presence of a Maxwell field, respectively. Especially in the charged case, we give the exact \(P{-}V\) critical values. More importantly, we analyze the validity and invalidity of the Maxwell equal area...

Thermodynamics of Horndeski black holes with non-minimal derivative coupling

We explore thermodynamic properties of a new class of Horndeski black holes whose action contains a non-minimal kinetic coupling of a massless real scalar and the Einstein tensor. Our treatment is based on the well-accepted consideration, where the cosmological constant is dealt with as thermodynamic pressure and the mass of black holes as thermodynamic enthalpy. We resort to a...

Thermodynamics of noncommutative high-dimensional AdS black holes with non-Gaussian smeared matter distributions

Considering non-Gaussian smeared matter distributions, we investigate the thermodynamic behaviors of the noncommutative high-dimensional Schwarzschild–Tangherlini anti-de Sitter black hole, and we obtain the condition for the existence of extreme black holes. We indicate that the Gaussian smeared matter distribution, which is a special case of non-Gaussian smeared matter...

A Possible Method for Non-Hermitian and Non-PT-Symmetric Hamiltonian Systems

A possible method to investigate non-Hermitian Hamiltonians is suggested through finding a Hermitian operator η+ and defining the annihilation and creation operators to be η+ -pseudo-Hermitian adjoint to each other. The operator η+ represents the η+ -pseudo-Hermiticity of Hamiltonians. As an example, a non-Hermitian and non-PT-symmetric Hamiltonian with imaginary linear...

Noncommutative Extension of Minkowski Spacetime and Its Primary Application

Yan-Gang Miao 0 1 0 Subject Index: 134, 139, 182 1 Department of Physics, Nankai University , Tianjin 300071, P. R. China , Department of Physics, University of Kaiserslautern , P.O. Box 3049, D