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A simpler and more realistic subjective decision theory

In his classic book “the Foundations of Statistics” Savage develops a formal system of rational decision making. It is based on (i) a set of possible states of the world, (ii) a set of consequences, (iii) a set of acts, which are functions from states to consequences, and (iv) a preference relation over the acts, which represents the preferences of an idealized rational agent...

Promoting cross-border knowledge transfer for new product development in MNCs: a process view

Cross-border knowledge transfer plays an important role in the competitive advantage of multinational corporations (MNCs). However, it can be quite challenging due to cultural differences and lack of trust between organizational units located in different countries. Prior studies have not explored the knowledge transfer process (and its key nodes) in new product development in...

Incentive-aware virtual machine scheduling in cloud computing

As cloud computing is a market-oriented utility, optimal virtual machine (VM) scheduling in cloud computing should take into account the incentives for both cloud users and the cloud provider. However, most of existing studies on VM scheduling only consider the incentive for one party, i.e., either the cloud users or the cloud provider. Very few related studies consider the...

Performance evaluation of the V2I fair access with a finite retry limit

This paper evaluates the performance of the vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) fair access with a finite retry limit through constructing an analytical model. Firstly, the process of the distributed coordination function (DCF) mechanism with a finite retry limit is described through developing a 2-D Markov chain; based on the Markov chain, the transmission probability with the...

Construction and application of a liver cancer-targeting drug delivery system based on core–shell gold nanocages

Construction and application of a liver cancer-targeting drug delivery system based on core-shell gold nanocages Mengfei Ji,1,* Xiaojing Qiu,2,* Lin Hou,1 Shengnan Huang,1 Yuanmin Li,1 Yang Liu,1

Topographical factor-based shallow landslide hazard assessment: a case of Dayi area of Guizhou Province in China

Background Three groups of factors related to topography, geology and hydrology have influence on the triggering of shallow landslides in soil material. In this paper a single representative factor (T-factor) for the topography is proposed, which can be used to define threshold values for the possibility of shallow soil slides. This study was carried out in the Dayi area, Guizhou...

Bounded gaps between products of distinct primes

Let \(r \ge 2\) be an integer. We adapt the Maynard–Tao sieve to produce the asymptotically best-known bounded gaps between products of r distinct primes. Our result applies to positive-density subsets of the primes that satisfy certain equidistribution conditions. This improves on the work of Thorne and Sono.

Who is more likely to be obese or overweight among siblings? A nationally representative study in rural China

Visualization: Yang Liu, Deliang Wen. Writing ± original draft: Jiajin Hu. Writing ± review & editing: Jiajin Hu, Ning Ding. 11. Watson PM, Dugdill L, Pickering K, Bostock S, Hargreaves J, Staniford L, et al

Role of α7nAChR-NMDAR in sevoflurane-induced memory deficits in the developing rat hippocampus

: XiaoHong Tang. 13 / 16 Formal analysis: Yuan Yuan. Methodology: YiZe Li, Yuan Yuan. Resources: JiYing Ao, Ling Ding, Yang Liu, ZhiFen Wang. Software: JiYing Ao, Yang Liu. Supervision: Ling Ding, ZhiFen

Sliding Window Top-K Monitoring over Distributed Data Streams

Most of the traditional top-k algorithms are based on a single-server setting. They may be highly inefficient and/or cause huge communication overhead when applied to a distributed system environment. Therefore, the problem of top-k monitoring in distributed environments has been intensively investigated recently. This paper studies how to monitor the top-k data objects with the...

Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in China: An up-dated cross-sectional study

. STROBE checklist. (DOCX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yu Lan, Zanlin Mai, Guohua Zeng. Data curation: Yu Lan, Zanlin Mai, Shiyu Zhou, Yang Liu, Xiaolu Duan, Cao Cai, Wei Zhu. Formal analysis ... , Guohua Zeng. Software: Yu Lan, Zanlin Mai, Shiyu Zhou. Supervision: Wenqi Wu, Guohua Zeng. Writing ± original draft: Yu Lan. Writing ± review & editing: Zanlin Mai, Shiyu Zhou, Yang Liu, Cao Cai, Tuo

Numerical and experimental studies of stick–slip oscillations in drill-strings

suppress stick–slip oscillations, based on previous theoretical investigations (see, e.g., [ 3 ]). Acknowledgements Dr. Yang Liu would like to acknowledge the financial support from EPSRC for his First

Role of ubenimex as an anticancer drug and its synergistic effect with Akt inhibitor in human A375 and A2058 cells

Role of ubenimex as an anticancer drug and its synergistic effect with Akt inhibitor in human A375 and A2058 cells Xiaoqing Wang,1 Yang Liu,1 Rongde Wu,1 Feng Guo,1 Lijuan Zhang,1 Mingyu Cui,1

A novel method for the detection of R-peaks in ECG based on K-Nearest Neighbors and Particle Swarm Optimization

Cardiovascular diseases are associated with high morbidity and mortality. However, it is still a challenge to diagnose them accurately and efficiently. Electrocardiogram (ECG), a bioelectrical signal of the heart, provides crucial information about the dynamical functions of the heart, playing an important role in cardiac diagnosis. As the QRS complex in ECG is associated with...

Proof-of-concept prototype development of the self-propelled capsule system for pipeline inspection

Network? (Grant No. PF002). Dr. Yang Liu would like to acknowledge the financial support from EPSRC for his First Grant (Grant No. EP/P023983/1). Dr. Yao Yan was supported by the National Natural Science

Some determinantal inequalities for Hadamard and Fan products of matrices

. Competing interests The authors declare to have no competing interests. Authors’ contributions Xiaohui Fu carried out all the proofs of the results and gave the generalizations of Fan product. Yang Liu

Degradable, absorbable or resorbable—what is the best grammatical modifier for an implant that is eventually absorbed by the body?

they have no conflict of interest.  May 2017 | Vol.60 No.5 Yang Liu received his bachelor degree in materials science and engineering from Harbin engineering University in 2013. Then he continued his