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Photocatalytic Antibacterial Effects Are Maintained on Resin-Based TiO2 Nanocomposites after Cessation of UV Irradiation

Photocatalysis induced by TiO2 and UV light constitutes a decontamination and antibacterial strategy utilized in many applications including self-cleaning environmental surfaces, water and air treatment. The present work reveals that antibacterial effects induced by photocatalysis can be maintained even after the cessation of UV irradiation. We show that resin-based composites...

Bacteria viability assessment after photocatalytic treatment

Yanling Cai 0 Maria Strmme 0 Ken Welch 0 0 Y. Cai M. Strmme (&) K. Welch (&) Division for Nanotechnology and Functional Materials, Department of Engineering Sciences , The A The aim of the present