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Mapping the evolution of entrepreneurship as a field of research (1990–2013): A scientometric analysis

Conceptualization: Yanto Chandra. Data curation: Yanto Chandra. Formal analysis: Yanto Chandra. Funding acquisition: Yanto Chandra. Investigation: Yanto Chandra. Methodology: Yanto Chandra. Project administration ... : Yanto Chandra. Resources: Yanto Chandra. Software: Yanto Chandra. Supervision: Yanto Chandra. Validation: Yanto Chandra. Visualization: Yanto Chandra. Writing ± original draft: Yanto Chandra. Writing

A time-based process model of international entrepreneurial opportunity evaluation

This article investigates two important research gaps in international business (IB): how entrepreneurs evaluate international entrepreneurial opportunities (IEOs) and the role of time in the evaluation process. Drawing on the literature on decision-making models and the philosophical foundation of opportunity, this study employs Gioia’s methodology and content analysis to...

Mining Social Entrepreneurship Strategies Using Topic Modeling

Despite the burgeoning research on social entrepreneurship (SE), SE strategies remain poorly understood. Drawing on extant research on the social activism and social change, empowerment and SE models, we explore, classify and validate the strategies used by 2,334 social entrepreneurs affiliated with the world’s largest SE support organization, Ashoka. The results of the topic...