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A comparative study of the vibro-impact capsule systems with one-sided and two-sided constraints

Grant (Grant No. EP/P023983/1). Dr. Yao Yan was supported by the National for ? = 3.98, b, c ?2 = 0, d, e ?2 = 5, and f, g ?2 = 20, where the minimal requirement of cabin length vL is recorded. Locations

Regenerative chatter in self-interrupted plunge grinding

This paper investigates dynamics of regenerative chatter in self-interrupted plunge grinding with delayed differential equations (DDEs) and partial differential equations (PDEs). The DDEBIFTOOL, a numerical simulation tool and the method of multiple scales are used to analyse stability and construct bifurcation diagrams. It was found out that in majority of cases, chatter is ...

Problem/case-based learning with competition introduced in severe infection education: an exploratory study

Background Problem/case-based learning (PCBL) is one of the most commonly used educational methods in medical schools. Aim To further improve PCBL in clinical course of severe infection by introducing competition mode. Methods Two classes of medical students were divided into two groups by class-based simple randomization and were taught the course of severe infection by PCBL. A ...