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Anterior cruciate ligament injury: Identifying information sources and risk factor awareness among the general population

Research Inc. for collecting and conducting the survey. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yasuharu Nagano. Data curation: Yasuharu Nagano. Formal analysis: Yasuharu Nagano, Hiroko Yako-Suketomo ... . Investigation: Yasuharu Nagano. Methodology: Yasuharu Nagano, Hiroko Yako-Suketomo. 7 / 8 Project administration: Yasuharu Nagano. Supervision: Hiroaki Natsui. Validation: Yasuharu Nagano, Hiroko Yako

Risk assessment of the onset of Osgood–Schlatter disease using kinetic analysis of various motions in sports

. Investigation: Gento Itoh, Hideyuki Ishii. Methodology: Gento Itoh, Hideyuki Ishii, Haruyasu Kato, Yasuharu Nagano, Hiroteru Hayashi, Hiroki Funasaki. Project administration: Gento Itoh, Hideyuki Ishii ... (Rikkyo SFR, Grant number: 23). We would like to thank Editage ( for English language editing. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Gento Itoh, Hideyuki Ishii, Haruyasu Kato, Yasuharu