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Apaf1 plays a negative regulatory role in T cell responses by suppressing activation of antigen-stimulated T cells

secretarial supports. Author Contributions Data curation: Yasunobu Miyake. 14 / 16 Investigation: Honglian Tong, Yoichiro Iwakura, Hiromitsu Hara. Methodology: Fumika Mi-ichi. Project administration: Hiroki ... Yoshida. Resources: Hiroki Yoshida. Supervision: Yasunobu Miyake, Fumika Mi-ichi, Hiroki Yoshida. Writing ± original draft: Honglian Tong. 15 / 16 2012; 265(1):103±12.

Characterization of the Receptors for Mycobacterial Cord Factor in Guinea Pig

Guinea pig is a widely used animal for research and development of tuberculosis vaccines, since its pathological disease process is similar to that present in humans. We have previously reported that two C-type lectin receptors, Mincle (macrophage inducible C-type lectin, also called Clec4e) and MCL (macrophage C-type lectin, also called Clec4d), recognize the mycobacterial cord...