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Batch Fabrication of Broadband Metallic Planar Microlenses and Their Arrays Combining Nanosphere Self-Assembly with Conventional Photolithography

A novel low-cost, batch-fabrication method combining the spin-coating nanosphere lithography (NSL) with the conventional photolithographic technique is demonstrated to efficiently produce the metallic planar microlenses and their arrays. The developed microlenses are composed of subwavelength nanoholes and can focus light effectively in the entire visible spectrum, with the foci...

Polarization-Dependent Quasi-Far-Field Superfocusing Strategy of Nanoring-Based Plasmonic Lenses

The two-dimensional superfocusing of nanoring-based plasmonic lenses (NRPLs) beyond the diffraction limit in the far-field region remains a great challenge at optical wavelengths. In this paper, in addition to the modulation of structural parameters, we investigated the polarization-dependent focusing performance of a NRPL employing the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method...

Broadband Metallic Planar Microlenses in an Array: the Focusing Coupling Effect

The microlens arrays (MLAs) are widely utilized for various applications. However, when the lens size and the spacing between two adjacent microlenses are of the length scale of the working wavelength, the diffraction effect plays a vital role in the final focusing performance. We suggest a kind of broadband metallic planar microlenses, based on which the ultra-compact microlens...