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CRTC2 modulates hepatic SREBP1c cleavage by controlling Insig2a expression during fasting

Foundation of China (Grant No. 31500956). All institutional and national guidelines for the care and use of laboratory animals were followed. Yuanyuan Zhang, Yi Liu, Liqun Chen, Yiguo Wang and Jinbo Han ... declare that they have no conflict of interest. Yuanyuan Zhang and Jinbo Han designed the study and analyzed the data. Yuanyuan Zhang, Yi Liu and Liqun Chen performed the experiments. Jinbo Han wrote the

The Study of Sand-blocking Characteristic and Flow Field Simulation Analysis of the Ring-shaped Sand-barrier

Aiming at the complexity of wind direction and irregular sand flow in a desert area, a combinatorial ring-shaped sand barrier is used. Stokes law of inertia force and centrifugal force and gravity sedimentation are used. With CFD fluid software Fluent, laminar flow model Equation and κ-ε turbulence model, the wind speed of the sand in the sand-gas-solid two-phase flow passing...

Nitric oxide balances osteoblast and adipocyte lineage differentiation via the JNK/MAPK signaling pathway in periodontal ligament stem cells

used for RT-PCR. (JPG 58 kb) Acknowledgements This work was supported by grants from the National Nature Science Foundation of China (81470751 to Yi Liu, 81600891 to LG, and 81600829 to YS), the Beijing ... Natural Science Foundation (7172087 to Yi Liu), the Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals Clinical Medicine Development of Special Funding Support (ZYLX201703 to YB), and the Beijing Baiqianwan

The crucial role of SEMA3F in suppressing the progression of oral squamous cell carcinoma

Background Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is one of the most common types of malignancy. Semaphorin 3F (SEMA3F) is highly conserved but present at a lower level in various cancers than in healthy tissues. While it has been reported that SEMA3F is involved in cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion, its function in OSCC remains unknown. Methods The expression of...

Urine proteomics of primary membranous nephropathy using nanoscale liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry analysis

BackgroundPrimary membranous nephropathy (PMN) is an important cause of nephrotic syndrome in adults. Urine proteome may provide important clues of pathophysiological mechanisms in PMN. In the current study, we analyzed and compared the proteome of urine from patients with PMN and normal controls.MethodsWe performed two technical replicates (TMT1 and TMT2) to analyze and compare...

Ultra-Sensitive Strain Sensor Based on Flexible Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Piezoelectric Film

A flexible 4 × 4 sensor array with 16 micro-scale capacitive units has been demonstrated based on flexible piezoelectric poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) film. The piezoelectricity and surface morphology of the PVDF were examined by optical imaging and piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM). The PFM shows phase contrast, indicating clear interface between the PVDF and electrode...

Suspension Flame Spray Construction of Polyimide-Copper Layers for Marine Antifouling Applications

Individual capsule-like polyimide splats have been fabricated by suspension flame spray, and the polyimide splat exhibits hollow structure with an inner pore and a tiny hole on its top surface. Enwrapping of 200-1000-nm copper particles inside the splats is accomplished during the deposition for constrained release of copper for antifouling performances. Antifouling testing of...

Quercetin suppresses DNA double-strand break repair and enhances the radiosensitivity of human ovarian cancer cells via p53-dependent endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway

h cheng gong 1 Zongyuan Yang1 lingyun Zhang 2 Yuehua Wang2 Wei gong 2 Yi liu 3 1Department of Obstetrics and g ynecology, Tongji h ospital, Tongji Medical c ollege, h uazhong University of

Performance improvement of Raman distributed temperature system by using noise suppression

In Raman distributed temperature system, the key factor for performance improvement is noise suppression, which seriously affects the sensing distance and temperature accuracy. Therefore, we propose and experimentally demonstrate dynamic noise difference algorithm and wavelet transform modulus maximum (WTMM) to de-noising Raman anti-Stokes signal. Experimental results show that...

Prevalence of fimA genotypes of Porphyromonas gingivalis in adolescent orthodontic patients

oral hygiene protocol. (DOCX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Shuang Pan, Yi Liu, Chunling Wang, Shuiqing Xiao. Data curation: Shuang Pan, Yi Liu, Yi Si, Qiang Zhang, Lin Wang, Jianwei Liu ... , Chunling Wang, Shuiqing Xiao. Formal analysis: Shuang Pan, Yi Liu, Yi Si, Qiang Zhang, Lin Wang, Jianwei Liu, Chunling Wang, Shuiqing Xiao. Funding acquisition: Shuiqing Xiao. 8 / 11 Investigation

Impacts of hydrogeological characteristics on groundwater-level changes induced by earthquakes

Changes in groundwater level during earthquakes have been reported worldwide. In this study, field observations of co-seismic groundwater-level changes in wells under different aquifer conditions and sampling intervals due to near-field earthquake events in Taiwan are presented. Sustained changes, usually observed immediately after earthquakes, are found in the confined aquifer...

Impaired retinal microcirculation in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

progression. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Hong Jiang, Clinton B. Wright, Tatjana Rundek, Jianhua Wang. Data curation: Hong Jiang, Yi Liu, Yantao Wei, Yingying Shi, Clinton B. Wright, Xiaoyan Sun ... , Tatjana Rundek, Bernard S. Baumel, Jonathan Landman, Jianhua Wang. Formal analysis: Hong Jiang, Yi Liu, Bernard S. Baumel, Jianhua Wang. Funding acquisition: Hong Jiang, Jianhua Wang. Investigation: Hong

A promising tool for surgical lipotransfer: a constant pressure and quantity injection device in facial fat grafting

Background The purpose of this study was to preliminarily assess a constant pressure and quantity fat granule injection device for minimal invasive properties in clinic. Methods A retrospective controlled study was carried out, from October 2013 to January 2015, on 76 female healthy patients aged between 26 and 53 years at the General Hospital of Lanzhou Military Command, China...

Streamflow Changes in the Vicinity of Seismogenic Fault After the 1999 Chi–Chi Earthquake

. Streamflow; gauge; Chi-Chi earthquake; deformation; groundwater - CHING-YI LIU,1 YEEPING CHIA,1 PO-YU CHUANG,1,2 CHI-YUEN WANG,3 SHEMIN GE,4 and MAO-HUA TENG1 1. Introduction Hydrological changes

ICG-001 suppresses growth of gastric cancer cells and reduces chemoresistance of cancer stem cell-like population

ICG-001, a small molecule, binds CREB-binding protein (CBP) to disrupt its interaction with β-catenin and inhibits CBP function as a co-activator of Wnt/β-catenin-mediated transcription. Given its ability to inhibit Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway, ICG-001 has been used in some tumor types to exert its anticarcinogenic effect. Here, we examined ICG-001 and its potential role as a...

Actualities and Development of Heavy-Duty CNC Machine Tool Thermal Error Monitoring Technology

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, China. His research interests include cutting force monitoring of CNC machine tool and robot technology. E-mail: Yi Liu, born in 1980, is

IOPA: I/O-aware parallelism adaption for parallel programs

With the development of multi-/many-core processors, applications need to be written as parallel programs to improve execution efficiency. For data-intensive applications that use multiple threads to read/write files simultaneously, an I/O sub-system can easily become a bottleneck when too many of these types of threads exist; on the contrary, too few threads will cause...