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Streamflow Changes in the Vicinity of Seismogenic Fault After the 1999 Chi–Chi Earthquake

. Streamflow; gauge; Chi-Chi earthquake; deformation; groundwater - CHING-YI LIU,1 YEEPING CHIA,1 PO-YU CHUANG,1,2 CHI-YUEN WANG,3 SHEMIN GE,4 and MAO-HUA TENG1 1. Introduction Hydrological changes

ICG-001 suppresses growth of gastric cancer cells and reduces chemoresistance of cancer stem cell-like population

ICG-001, a small molecule, binds CREB-binding protein (CBP) to disrupt its interaction with β-catenin and inhibits CBP function as a co-activator of Wnt/β-catenin-mediated transcription. Given its ability to inhibit Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway, ICG-001 has been used in some tumor types to exert its anticarcinogenic effect. Here, we examined ICG-001 and its potential role as a ...

A promising tool for surgical lipotransfer: a constant pressure and quantity injection device in facial fat grafting

Background The purpose of this study was to preliminarily assess a constant pressure and quantity fat granule injection device for minimal invasive properties in clinic. Methods A retrospective controlled study was carried out, from October 2013 to January 2015, on 76 female healthy patients aged between 26 and 53 years at the General Hospital of Lanzhou Military Command, China. To ...

Actualities and Development of Heavy-Duty CNC Machine Tool Thermal Error Monitoring Technology

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, China. His research interests include cutting force monitoring of CNC machine tool and robot technology. E-mail: Yi Liu, born in 1980, is

A SNP panel and online tool for checking genotype concordance through comparing QR codes

, Matthias Geihs, Yun Li, Jie Huang. Funding acquisition: Yun Li. Resources: Xuejun Kong. Methodology: Yonghong Du, Joshua S. Martin, Eric Yi Liu, Yingrui Sun, Matthias Geihs, Xuejun Kong, Eric Lingfeng ... Zhou. Software: John McGee, Yuchen Yang, Eric Yi Liu, Matthias Geihs, Eric Lingfeng Zhou, Jie Huang. Supervision: Yun Li, Jie Huang. Writing ± original draft: Yonghong Du, Joshua S. Martin, John McGee

Monitoring carbon dioxide from space: Retrieval algorithm and flux inversion based on GOSAT data and using CarbonTracker-China

Monitoring atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) from space-borne state-of-the-art hyperspectral instruments can provide a high precision global dataset to improve carbon flux estimation and reduce the uncertainty of climate projection. Here, we introduce a carbon flux inversion system for estimating carbon flux with satellite measurements under the support of “The Strategic Priority ...

Comparison of glyburide and insulin in the management of gestational diabetes: A meta-analysis

, Yue Chen, Wanyu Feng. Funding acquisition: Wanyu Feng. Investigation: Rongjing Song, Ling Chen, Xia Si, Yi Liu. Methodology: Rongjing Song, Ling Chen, Yue Chen, Yi Liu, Yue Liu. Project ... administration: Rongjing Song, David M. Irwin, Wanyu Feng. Resources: Ling Chen, Xia Si. Software: Rongjing Song, Ling Chen, Yue Chen, Yi Liu, Yue Liu. Supervision: Rongjing Song, David M. Irwin. Validation

IOPA: I/O-aware parallelism adaption for parallel programs

With the development of multi-/many-core processors, applications need to be written as parallel programs to improve execution efficiency. For data-intensive applications that use multiple threads to read/write files simultaneously, an I/O sub-system can easily become a bottleneck when too many of these types of threads exist; on the contrary, too few threads will cause ...

Hierarchical and coupling model of factors influencing vessel traffic flow

Understanding the characteristics of vessel traffic flow is crucial in maintaining navigation safety, efficiency, and overall waterway transportation management. Factors influencing vessel traffic flow possess diverse features such as hierarchy, uncertainty, nonlinearity, complexity, and interdependency. To reveal the impact mechanism of the factors influencing vessel traffic flow, ...

Less extrusion debris during the retreatment of curved canals using twisted files with higher rotational speeds: an ex vivo study

Tan 1 Yi Liu 1 0 School of Dentistry, Shandong University , 44, Wenhua West Road, Jinan 250012, Shandong Province , China 1 School of Stomatology, Qingdao University , Qingdao 266021, Shandong Province

The long-term spatial-temporal trends and burden of esophageal cancer in one high-risk area: A population-registered study in Feicheng, China

Background Feicheng County is a high-risk area for esophageal cancer in Shandong province, China. It is important to determine the long-term spatio-temporal trends in epidemiological characteristics and the burden of esophageal cancer, especially since the implementation of the national esophageal cancer screening program for early detection and treatment in 2005. Methods The data ...

Differentially expressed proteins underlying childhood cortical dysplasia with epilepsy identified by iTRAQ proteomic profiling

Cortical dysplasia accounts for at least 14% of epilepsy cases, and is mostly seen in children. However, the understanding of molecular mechanisms and pathogenesis underlying cortical dysplasia is limited. The aim of this cross-sectional study is to identify potential key molecules in the mechanisms of cortical dysplasia by screening the proteins expressed in brain tissues of ...

Genome-wide assessment of population structure and genetic diversity and development of a core germplasm set for sweet potato based on specific length amplified fragment (SLAF) sequencing

Sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam., is an important food crop that is cultivated worldwide. However, no genome-wide assessment of the genetic diversity of sweet potato has been reported to date. In the present study, the population structure and genetic diversity of 197 sweet potato accessions most of which were from China were assessed using 62,363 SNPs. A model-based ...

Profiling of subgingival plaque biofilm microbiota in adolescents after completion of orthodontic therapy

Background Fixed orthodontic treatment is the most common method for malocclusion but has the potential risk of periodontal complication with unclear outcomes of whether microbiologic and clinical changes could be reversible in adolescents after orthodontic therapy. Methods Twenty adolescents with orthodontic treatment were enrolled in the study as the case group at end of the ...

Measuring Road Network Vulnerability with Sensitivity Analysis

This paper focuses on the development of a method for road network vulnerability analysis, from the perspective of capacity degradation, which seeks to identify the critical infrastructures in the road network and the operational performance of the whole traffic system. This research involves defining the traffic utility index and modeling vulnerability of road segment, route, OD ...

Incorporating High-Dimensional Exposure Modelling into Studies of Air Pollution and Health

Performing studies on the risks of environmental hazards on human health requires accurate estimates of exposures that might be experienced by the populations at risk. Often there will be missing data and in many epidemiological studies, the locations and times of exposure measurements and health data do not match. To a large extent this will be due to the health and exposure data ...

Performance Optimization of Marine Science and Numerical Modeling on HPC Cluster

Marine science and numerical modeling (MASNUM) is widely used in forecasting ocean wave movement, through simulating the variation tendency of the ocean wave. Although efforts have been devoted to improve the performance of MASNUM from various aspects by existing work, there is still large space unexplored for further performance improvement. In this paper, we aim at improving the ...

AlncRNA HULC as an effective biomarker for surveillance of the outcome of cancer: A meta-analysis

: Xiaoliang Chen and Yi Liu have received research grants from Shenzhen Technology Research and Development Funds (201604130086, JCYJ20150403095530583, respectively). Jinbo Lin has supported by Shenzhen