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Problem/case-based learning with competition introduced in severe infection education: an exploratory study

Background Problem/case-based learning (PCBL) is one of the most commonly used educational methods in medical schools. Aim To further improve PCBL in clinical course of severe infection by introducing competition mode. Methods Two classes of medical students were divided into two groups by class-based simple randomization and were taught the course of severe infection by PCBL. A...

Diabetes Impairs Hippocampal Function via Advanced Glycation End Product Mediated New Neuron Generation in Animals with Diabetes-Related Depression

The diabetes-induced reduction of neurogenesis in hippocampal dentate and its reversal with antidepressant medications implies a potential mechanism for diabetes-related depression and cognitive decline. In the following article, the role of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in hippocampal neurogenesis deficits in diabetic animals with depression has been further explained...