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Association of genetic variations in FOXO3 gene with susceptibility to noise induced hearing loss in a Chinese population

: Enmin Ding, Huanxi Shen. Methodology: Ying Bai, Jun Wang. Project administration: Baoli Zhu. Resources: Ying Bai, Hengdong Zhang, Baoli Zhu. Software: Haoran Guo, Enmin Ding. Supervision: Baoli Zhu

Clinical scores for outcomes of rhythm control or arrhythmia progression in patients with atrial fibrillation: a systematic review

Patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) are commonly managed with rhythm control strategy, but the natural history of this common arrhythmia leads itself to progression from paroxysmal to persistent or permanent AF, and recurrences are evident despite rhythm control treatments using cardioversion or catheter ablation. Numerous clinical factors have been associated with outcomes of...

Diversity and phylogenetic relationships among Bartonella strains from Thai bats

, Sumalee Boonmar, Charles E. Rupprecht, Leonard F. Data curation: Clifton D. McKee, Michael Y. Kosoy, Ying Bai, Lynn M. Osikowicz, Richard Formal analysis: Clifton D. McKee. Funding acquisition: Michael Y ... . Kosoy, Charles E. Rupprecht. Investigation: Clifton D. McKee, Michael Y. Kosoy, Ying Bai, Lynn M. Osikowicz, Richard Franka, Amy T. Gilbert, Sumalee Boonmar, Charles E. Rupprecht, Leonard F. Peruski

Molecular Survey of Bacterial Zoonotic Agents in Bats from the Country of Georgia (Caucasus)

Bats are important reservoirs for many zoonotic pathogens. However, no surveys of bacterial pathogens in bats have been performed in the Caucasus region. To understand the occurrence and distribution of bacterial infections in these mammals, 218 bats belonging to eight species collected from four regions of Georgia were examined for Bartonella, Brucella, Leptospira, and Yersinia...

Classification of Bartonella Strains Associated with Straw-Colored Fruit Bats (Eidolon helvum) across Africa Using a Multi-locus Sequence Typing Platform

Bartonellae are facultative intracellular bacteria and are highly adapted to their mammalian host cell niches. Straw-colored fruit bats (Eidolon helvum) are commonly infected with several bartonella strains. To elucidate the genetic diversity of these bartonella strains, we analyzed 79 bartonella isolates from straw-colored fruit bats in seven countries across Africa (Cameroon...

Involvement of sigma-1 receptor in astrocyte activation induced by methamphetamine via up-regulation of its own expression

Background Although it has been documented that methamphetamine induces astrocyte activation, the mechanism(s) underlying this effect remain poorly understood. We thus sought to examine the molecular mechanisms involved in methamphetamine-mediated activation of astrocytes with a focus on the role of sigma-1 receptor (σ-1R) in this process. Methods The expression of σ-1R and glial...

Metabolism of Androstenone, 17β-Estradiol and Dihydrotestosterone in Primary Cultured Pig Hepatocytes and the Role of 3β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase in This Process

Metabolism of Androstenone, 17b-Estradiol and Dihydrotestosterone in Primary Cultured Pig Hepatocytes and the Role of 3b-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase in This Process Gang Chen 0 Ying Bai 0 Li Ren 0 Dan Zhu 0

P- and S-wavefield simulations using both the first- and second-order separated wave equations through a high-order staggered grid finite-difference method

In seismic exploration, it is common practice to separate the P-wavefield from the S-wavefield by the elastic wavefield decomposition technique, for imaging purposes. However, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this, especially when the velocity field is complex. A useful approach in multi-component analysis and modeling is to directly solve the elastic wave equations for the...

Pericytes Contribute to the Disruption of the Cerebral Endothelial Barrier via Increasing VEGF Expression: Implications for Stroke

Disruption of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) integrity occurring during the early onset of stroke is not only a consequence of, but also contributes to the further progression of stroke. Although it has been well documented that brain microvascular endothelial cells and astrocytes play a critical role in the maintenance of BBB integrity, pericytes, sandwiched between endothelial...

Prevalence and Diversity of Small Mammal-Associated Bartonella Species in Rural and Urban Kenya

Several rodent-associated Bartonella species are human pathogens but little is known about their epidemiology. We trapped rodents and shrews around human habitations at two sites in Kenya (rural Asembo and urban Kibera) to determine the prevalence of Bartonella infection. Bartonella were detected by culture in five of seven host species. In Kibera, 60% of Rattus rattus were...

Bartonella spp. in Fruit Bats and Blood-Feeding Ectoparasites in Madagascar

(Microchiroptera) in Cornwall , UK. Parasitology 131 : 489 - 496 . PMID: 16174413 3. Kosoy M , Ying Bai T , Lynch I V. , Kuzmin M , Niezgoda R , et al. ( 2010 ) Bartonella spp . in bats, Kenya. Emerg Infect Dis 16

A comprehensive microRNA expression profile of the backfat tissue from castrated and intact full-sib pair male pigs

Background It is widely known that castration has a significant effect on the accumulation of adipose tissue. microRNAs (miRNAs) are known to be involved in fat deposition and to be regulated by the androgen-induced androgen receptor (AR). However, there is little understanding of the relationship between miRNAs and fat deposition after castration. In this study, the high...

Global Distribution of Bartonella Infections in Domestic Bovine and Characterization of Bartonella bovis Strains Using Multi-Locus Sequence Typing

Bartonella bovis is commonly detected in cattle. One B. bovis strain was recently isolated from a cow with endocarditis in the USA, suggesting its role as an animal pathogen. In the present study, we investigated bartonella infections in 893 cattle from five countries (Kenya, Thailand, Japan, Georgia, and Guatemala) and 103 water buffaloes from Thailand to compare the prevalence...

Investigation of Testosterone, Androstenone, and Estradiol Metabolism in HepG2 Cells and Primary Culture Pig Hepatocytes and Their Effects on 17βHSD7 Gene Expression

Testosterone, Androstenone, and Estradiol Metabolism in HepG2 Cells and Primary Culture Pig Hepatocytes and Their Effects on 17bHSD7 Gene Expression Gang Chen 0 Sicong Li 0 Xinxing Dong 0 Ying Bai 0 Ailiang

Prevalence and Diversity of Bartonella spp. in Bats in Peru

the Virology Department of Naval Medical Research Unit-6 (NAMRU-6) for technical assistance. Authors addresses: Ying Bai, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Vector-Borne

The Relationship between Frontal Lobe Lesions, Course of Post-Stroke Depression, and 1-year Prognosis in Patients with First-Ever Ischemic Stroke

Background and Purpose Most studies on post-stroke depression (PSD) have focused on a certain time point after stroke instead of the time course of PSD. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between frontal lobe lesions, course of PSD over a year following the stroke onset, and the 1-year prognosis in patients with first-ever ischemic stroke. Methods A total of...

Prevalence and Genetic Heterogeneity of Bartonella Strains Cultured from Rodents from 17 Provinces in Thailand

To study the distribution and diversity of Bartonella in rodents from Thailand, 330 rodents belonging to 13 species were tested. The majority (80.6%) of rodents examined belonged to the genus Rattus. Bartonellae were cultured from 41.5% of the rodents with a wide range of prevalence by host species and regions. Sequencing of gltA revealed diverse Bartonella strains. Bartonellae...

Angiogenic Factor AGGF1 Promotes Therapeutic Angiogenesis in a Mouse Limb Ischemia Model

Background Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a common disease accounting for about 12% of the adult population, and causes significant morbidity and mortality. Therapeutic angiogenesis using angiogenic factors has been considered to be a potential treatment option for PAD patients. In this study, we assessed the potential of a new angiogenic factor AGGF1 for therapeutic...

Poststroke Depression and Risk of Recurrent Stroke at 1 Year in a Chinese Cohort Study

Background Studies show that poststroke depression (PSD) increases mortality risk at 1 year. However, whether PSD increases the risk of recurrent stroke at 1 year remains unclear. This study was to investigate whether PSD at 2 weeks following a stroke could increase risk of recurrent stroke at 1 year. Methods and Results This was a multi-centered prospective cohort study. A total...

Evolutional and Geographical Relationships of Bartonella grahamii Isolates from Wild Rodents by Multi-locus Sequencing Analysis

Erratum to: Microb Ecol 57 (3): 534-541DOI 10.1007/s00248-009-9488-xIn Table 1 of the original version of this article, there were mistakes on the GenBank accession numbers under the fourth column “16S rRNA”. The correct version of Table 1 is provided here.