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Research on Intelligent Agriculture Greenhouses Based on Internet of Things Technology

Internet of things is a hot topic in the field of research, get a lot of attention, On behalf of the future development trend of the network, Internet of Things has a wide range of applications, because of the efficient and reliable information transmission in modern agriculture. In the greenhouse, the conditions of the Greenhouse determine the quality of crops, high yield and...

Interferometric distributed sensing system with phase optical time-domain reflectometry

Citation: Chen WANG, Ying SHANG, Xiaohui LIU, Chang WANG, Hongzhong WANG, and Gangding PENG, “Interferometric Distributed Sensing System With Phase Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry,” Photonic

Interferometric distributed sensing system with phase optical time-domain reflectometry

We demonstrate a distributed optical fiber sensing system based on the Michelson interferometer of the phase sensitive optical time domain reflectometer (φ-OTDR) for acoustic measurement. Phase, amplitude, frequency response, and location information can be directly obtained at the same time by using the passive 3×3 coupler demodulation. We also set an experiment and successfully...

Distributed acoustic sensing with Michelson interferometer demodulation

The distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) has been extensively studied and widely used. A distributed acoustic sensing system based on the unbalanced Michelson interferometer with phase generated carrier (PGC) demodulation was designed and tested. The system could directly obtain the phase, amplitude, frequency response, and location information of sound wave at the same time and...

Rannasangpei Is a Therapeutic Agent in the Treatment of Vascular Dementia

Rannasangpei (RSNP) is used as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and neurodegeneration in China; however, its potential use in the treatment of vascular dementia (VD) was unclear. In this study, our aim was to examine the neuroprotective effect of RSNP in a VD rat model, which was induced by permanent bilateral common carotid...

Research on optical fiber flow test method with non-intrusion

In the field of oil well logging, real-time monitoring of the fluid flow parameter provides a scientific basis for oil and gas optimization exploration and increase in reservoir recovery, so a non-intrusive flow test method based on turbulent vibration was proposed. The specific length of the sensor fiber wound tightly around the outer wall of the pipe was connected with the...

A Novel Universal Primer-Multiplex-PCR Method with Sequencing Gel Electrophoresis Analysis

In this study, a novel universal primer-multiplex-PCR (UP-M-PCR) method adding a universal primer (UP) in the multiplex PCR reaction system was described. A universal adapter was designed in the 5′-end of each specific primer pairs which matched with the specific DNA sequences for each template and also used as the universal primer (UP). PCR products were analyzed on sequencing...

Upregulation of chondroitin 6-sulphotransferase-1 facilitates Schwann cell migration during axonal growth

We apologise for an error in the first name of Y.-S. Chan, which should be Ying-Shing not Ying-Shang. The error appeared in both the print and online versions of this article. - Upregulation of