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Direct Formation of Structural Components Using a Martian Soil Simulant

Science and Engineering, University of California - San Diego, La Jolla, CA, 92093, USATzehan Chen, Ying Zhong & Yu Qiao AuthorsSearch for Brian J. Chow in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ... Scholar Search for Tzehan Chen in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Ying Zhong in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Yu Qiao in:Nature Research

A multifunctional battery module design for electric vehicle

Reducing the overall vehicle weight is an efficient, system-level approach to increase the drive range of electric vehicle, for which structural parts in auto-frame may be replaced by battery modules. Such battery modules must be structurally functional, e.g., energy absorbing, while the battery cells are not necessarily loading–carrying. We designed and tested a butterfly-shaped...

Application of the PJ and NPS evaporation duct models over the South China Sea (SCS) in winter

The detection of duct height has a significant effect on marine radar or wireless apparatus applications. The paper presents two models to verify the adaptation of evaporation duct models in the SCS in winter. A meteorological gradient instrument used to measure evaporation ducts was fabricated using hydrological and meteorological sensors at different heights. An experiment on...

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of VEGFR-targeted macromolecular MRI contrast agent based on biotin–avidin-specific binding

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of VEGFR-targeted macromolecular MRI contrast agent based on biotin-avidin-specific binding Yongjun Liu,1 Xiaoyun Wu,1 Xiaohe Sun,1 Dan Wang,1 Ying Zhong,1 Dandan

Enhanced offspring predisposition to steatohepatitis with maternal high-fat diet is associated with epigenetic and microbiome alterations

Objective Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is an important co-morbidity associated with obesity and a precursor to steatohepatitis. However, the contributions of gestational and early life influences on development of NAFLD and NASH remain poorly appreciated. Methods Two independent studies were performed to examine whether maternal over-nutrition via exposure to high...

Role of surface plasmon polaritons and other waves in the radiation of resonant optical dipole antennas

Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Ying Zhong in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Contributions H.J. and H.L. built up the model and performed the calculation. H.J., H.L

Quantifying the Impacts of the Recent Economic Crisis on a Regional Tourism Industry and Economy

The purpose of this study is to explore the accuracy issue of the Input-Output model in quantifying the impacts of the 2007 economic crisis on a local tourism industry and economy. Though the model has been used in the tourism impact analysis, its estimation accuracy is rarely verified empirically. The Metro Orlando area in Florida is investigated as an empirical study, and the...

Mutations and CpG islands among hepatitis B virus genotypes in Europe

Chengyao Zhong Zhiwei Hou Jihua Huang 0 Qingdong Xie Ying Zhong 0 0 Jinxin Research Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Genetics, Chengdu Jinjiang Hospital for Maternal and Child Health Care

CD44+/CD24- phenotype contributes to malignant relapse following surgical resection and chemotherapy in patients with invasive ductal carcinoma

Background Invasive ductal carcinoma is the most common type of breast malignancy, with varying molecular features and resistance to treatment. Although CD44+/CD24- cells are believed to act as breast cancer stem cells and to be linked to poor prognosis in some patients, the association between these cells and tumor recurrence or metastasis in all or some types of invasive ductal...

Striking life events associated with primary breast cancer susceptibility in women: a meta-analysis study

Purpose The association between striking life events, an important stress and acute anxiety disorder, and the occurrence of primary breast cancer is unclear. The current meta-analysis was designed to assess the relationship between striking life events and primary breast cancer incidence in women. Methods Systematic computerized searching of the PubMed, ScienceDirect, Embase, and...

Low-Dose Levodopa Protects Nerve Cells from Oxidative Stress and Up-Regulates Expression of pCREB and CD39

Objective This study aimed to investigate the influence of low-dose levodopa (L-DOPA) on neuronal cell death under oxidative stress. Methods PC12 cells were treated with L-DOPA at different concentrations. We detected the L-DOPA induced reactive oxygen species (ROS). Meanwhile, MTT and LDH assay were performed to determine the proliferation and growth of PC12 cells with or...

Expression of ALDH1 in breast invasive ductal carcinoma: an independent predictor of early tumor relapse

Background The specific mechanism underlying the contribution of the Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 (ALDH1) phenotype to metastatic behavior and early tumor relapse in breast cancer is currently unclear. Methods 147 randomly selected invasive ductal carcinoma samples were assayed for expression of ALDH1A1, NOTCH1, estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), and human epidermal...

Effects of the aqueous extract of a Tibetan herb, Rhodiola algida var. tangutica on proliferation and HIF-1α, HIF-2α expression in MCF-7 cells under hypoxic condition in vitro

Ethnopharmacological relevance Rhodiola algida var. tangutica is a traditional Tibetan herb. Its root and rhizome have been successfully used as an effective clinical remedy for the prevention and treatment of cancer and high-altitude sickness. This study aimed to investigate the effect of Rhodiola algida var. tangutica on hypoxic MCF-7 breast cancer cells and the underlying...

Epigenetic silencing of glutaminase 2 in human liver and colon cancers

Background Glutaminase 2 (Gls2) is a p53 target gene and is known to play an important role in energy metabolism. Gls2 has been reported to be downregulated in human hepatocellular carcinomas (HCC). However, the underlying mechanism responsible for its downregulation is still unclear. Here, we investigated Gls2 expression and its promoter methylation status in human liver and...

Serving Generation 1.5: Academic Library Use and Students from Non–English-Speaking Households

Curt Asher 0 Emerson Case 0 Ying Zhong 0 0 Curt Asher is Associate Librarian in the Walter W. Stiern Library, California State University , Bakersfield This study examined ways in which the

The role of globular heads of the C1q receptor in HPV 16 E2-induced human cervical squamous carcinoma cell apoptosis is associated with p38 MAPK/JNK activation

Background Human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV 16) E2 protein is a multifunctional DNA-binding protein. HPV 16 E2 regulates many biological responses, including DNA replication, gene expression, and apoptosis. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship among the receptor for globular heads of the human C1q (gC1qR) gene expression, HPV 16 E2 transfection and...

Evaluation of Abbott RealTime CT/NG Assay for Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Cervical Swabs from Female Sex Workers in China

Background To evaluate the performance of the Abbott RealTime CT/NG assay for detection of Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) among female sex workers (FSWs) in China. Methods Cervical swabs from 997 participants were blindly detected by the Abbott RealTime CT/NG assay on the automated m2000 molecular platform and Roche Cobas Amplicor CT/NG assay...

Circulating Th22 and Th9 Levels in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

; Accepted 10 November 2013 Academic Editor: Ronald Gladue Copyright © 2013 Ying-zhong Lin et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits ... declared no competing interests. Authors’ Contribution Qing-wei Ji, Qiu-tang Zeng, and Xiang Wang carried out the original study concept and experiment design. Ying-zhong Lin, Bang-wei Wu, Zheng-de Lu, Ying