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Mathematical values in the processing of Chinese numeral classifiers and measure words

Conceptualization: One-Soon Her, Nai-Shing Yen. Data curation: Nai-Shing Yen. Formal analysis: Ying-Chun Chen. Funding acquisition: One-Soon Her. Investigation: Ying-Chun Chen. Methodology: One-Soon Her, Ying ... -Chun Chen, Nai-Shing Yen. Project administration: One-Soon Her, Nai-Shing Yen. Resources: One-Soon Her, Ying-Chun Chen. 8 / 9 Software: Ying-Chun Chen. Supervision: One-Soon Her, Nai-Shing Yen

Re-emergence of Lilium callosum Sieb. et Zucc. in Taiwan after a fire allows propagation and renews the possibility of conservation

Background Lilium callosum is native to Taiwan, but little is known about it since it has been considered extinct since 1915. After the rediscovery of this rare species after a fire in 2011 in Tunghsiao Township, intensive work has been conducted to count the number in the wild population, to develop a conservation strategy, and to understand its reproductive characteristics and...

Effects and safety of oral tolvaptan in patients with congestive heart failure: A systematic review and network meta-analysis

assessment Two reviewers (Mei-Yi Wu and Ying-Chun Chen) independently screened all titles and abstracts identified in the literature search, reviewed the full texts of eligible studies, and extracted the ... Chen, Ying-Chun Chen, Der-Cherng Tarng, Hsien-Ho Lin, Yu-Kang Tu. Data curation: Mei-Yi Wu, Ying-Chun Chen. Formal analysis: Tzu-Ting Chen, Yun-Chun Wu. Methodology: Mei-Yi Wu, Hsien-Ho Lin, Yu-Kang

Innate Immunity Drives the Initiation of a Murine Model of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

Invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells play complex roles in bridging innate and adaptive immunity by engaging with glycolipid antigens presented by CD1d. Our earlier work suggested that iNKT cells were involved in the initiation of the original loss of tolerance in primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC). To address this issue in more detail and, in particular, to focus on whether iNKT...

The Effectiveness of Surface Coatings on Preventing Interfacial Reaction During Ultrasonic Welding of Aluminum to Magnesium

. , is now with the AMEC UK Ltd, Warrington, U.K. JOSEPH D. ROBSON, Reader, YING-CHUN CHEN, Research Assistant , and PHILIP B. PRANGNELL, Professor, are with the School of Materials, University of

Correlations between cytoplasmic CSE1L in neoplastic colorectal glands and depth of tumor penetration and cancer stage

Cheng-Jeng Tai 1 Tzu-Cheng Su Ming-Chung Jiang 1 Hung-Chang Chen Shing-Chuan Shen Woan-Ruoh Lee Ching-Fong Liao Ying-Chun Chen Shu-Hui Lin Li-Tzu Li Ko-Hung Shen Chung-Min Yeh Kun-Tu Yeh Ching-Hsiao

CSE1L/CAS, the cellular apoptosis susceptibility protein, enhances invasion and metastasis but not proliferation of cancer cells

Background The cellular apoptosis susceptibility (CAS) protein is regarded as a proliferation-associated protein that associates with tumour proliferation as it associates with microtubule and functions in the mitotic spindle checkpoint. However, there is no any actual experimental study showing CAS (or CSE1 and CSE1L) can increase the proliferation of cancer cells. Previous...