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CHY formulae in 4d

helicity. If the 4d jacobian Jn;k0 is also positive at the positive region, it strongly supports that the YM amplitude is also positive in some regions. Acknowledgments Yong Zhang thanks S. He and F. Teng

The impact of rainfall on the temporal and spatial distribution of taxi passengers

from that conference and from the journal PLOS ONE for their help in improving this paper. Author Contributions Formal analysis: Liangpeng Gao. Methodology: Yong Zhang. Project administration: Yong ... Zhang. Software: Nana Geng, Xuefeng Li. Visualization: Liangpeng Gao. Writing ± original draft: Dandan Chen. Writing ± review & editing: Dandan Chen. 14 / 16 15 / 16 1. Singhal A , Kamga C , Yazici

Dr.seq2: A quality control and analysis pipeline for parallel single cell transcriptome and epigenome data

An increasing number of single cell transcriptome and epigenome technologies, including single cell ATAC-seq (scATAC-seq), have been recently developed as powerful tools to analyze the features of many individual cells simultaneously. However, the methods and software were designed for one certain data type and only for single cell transcriptome data. A systematic approach for ...

Connected formulas for amplitudes in standard model

Witten’s twistor string theory has led to new representations of S-matrix in massless QFT as a single object, including Cachazo-He-Yuan formulas in general and connected formulas in four dimensions. As a first step towards more realistic processes of the standard model, we extend the construction to QCD tree amplitudes with massless quarks and those with a Higgs boson. For both ...

CAM: A quality control pipeline for MNase-seq data

Conceptualization: Yong Zhang. Formal analysis: Sheng'en Hu, Xiaolan Chen. Funding acquisition: Yong Zhang. Investigation: Sheng'en Hu, Xiaolan Chen, Ji Liao, Yiqing Chen, Chengchen Zhao, Yong Zhang. Methodology ... : Sheng'en Hu, Xiaolan Chen, Yong Zhang. Project administration: Yong Zhang. Software: Sheng'en Hu. Supervision: Yong Zhang. Visualization: Sheng'en Hu. Writing ± original draft: Sheng'en Hu. Writing

Short-term apparent brain tissue changes are contributed by cerebral blood flow alterations

. Because arterial blood has larger T1 than brain tissues[ 20 ], substantial perfusion alterations would subsequently change tissue T1 author, Dr. Yong Zhang is an employee of GE Healthcare Beijing. But ... each author are clearly described in the ªauthor contributionsº section. Competing interests: One author, Dr. Yong Zhang is an employee of GE Healthcare Beijing. But except the salary support to Dr

A data-driven quantitative assessment model for taxi industry: the scope of business ecosystem’s health

Introduction The taxi industry has boomed over the years, both in street-hail and dispatch market. However, few studies focus on comprehensive perspectives, which make decisions such as implementing regulative or incentive policies difficult. As an economic community working in the value-oriented process, the taxi industry requires a holistic performance evaluation to determine how ...

New formulas for amplitudes from higher-dimensional operators

In this paper we study tree-level amplitudes from higher-dimensional operators, including F 3 operator of gauge theory, and R 2, R 3 operators of gravity, in the Cachazo-He-Yuan formulation. As a generalization of the reduced Pfaffian in Yang-Mills theory, we find a new, gauge-invariant object that leads to gluon amplitudes with a single insertion of F 3, and gravity amplitudes by ...

The influence of cell membrane and SNAP25 linker loop on the dynamics and unzipping of SNARE complex

The soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein receptor (SNARE) complex is composed of three neuronal proteins VAMP2, Syntaxin and SNAP25, which plays a core role during the process of membrane fusion. The zipping assembly of the SNARE complex releases energies and drives the vesicle and cell membrane into close proximity. In this study, we use all-atom molecular ...

Limit properties for ratios of order statistics from exponentials

In this paper, we study the limit properties of the ratio for order statistics based on samples from an exponential distribution and obtain the expression of the density functions, the existence of the moments, the strong law of large numbers for R n i j with 1 ≤ i < j < m n = m . We also discuss other limit theorems such as the central limit theorem, the law of iterated logarithm, ...

Increase in the prevalence of hypertension among adults exposed to the Great Chinese Famine during early life

Center for Social Risk Governance in Health, Chongqing Medical University , Chongqing 400016 , China 4 Acknowledgments Thanks Yong-Hong Wang, Hong Wang, Ji-Bin Li, Yong Zhang, Yi Zhang, Yong-Fang Liu, Da

Devosia nitraria sp. nov., a novel species isolated from the roots of Nitraria sibirica in China

An aerobic, Gram-stain negative, short rod-shaped and motile strain, 36-5-1T, was isolated from the roots of Nitraria sibirica in Zhangye city, Gansu province, north-west of China. Phylogenetic analysis based on the 16S rRNA gene sequence and two housekeeping genes (glnA and atpD) indicated that the strain represents a novel species closely related to the Devosia, Rhizobium and ...

Forecasting electric vehicles sales with univariate and multivariate time series models: The case of China

The market demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has increased in recent years. Suitable models are necessary to understand and forecast EV sales. This study presents a singular spectrum analysis (SSA) as a univariate time-series model and vector autoregressive model (VAR) as a multivariate model. Empirical results suggest that SSA satisfactorily indicates the evolving trend and ...

Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with P2X7R function regulate the onset of gouty arthritis

: Jin-Hui Tao, Jiang-Ping Tang, Yong Zhang, Qin Liu, Ya-Ling Wang. Formal analysis: Jin-Hui Tao, Miao Cheng, Jiang-Ping Tang. Funding acquisition: Jin-Hui Tao. Investigation: Jin-Hui Tao, Xiao-Juan Dai ... , Yong Zhang. Methodology: Jin-Hui Tao. Project administration: Jin-Hui Tao. Resources: Jiang-Ping Tang, Yong Zhang, Xiang-Pei Li. Software: Jiang-Ping Tang. Supervision: Miao Cheng. Validation: Yong

Genetic mapping of the LOBED LEAF 1 (ClLL1) gene to a 127.6-kb region in watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.)

The lobed leaf character is a unique morphologic trait in crops, featuring many potential advantages for agricultural productivity. Although the majority of watermelon varieties feature lobed leaves, the genetic factors responsible for lobed leaf formation remain elusive. The F2:3 leaf shape segregating population offers the opportunity to study the underlying mechanism of lobed ...

Cholecystectomy can increase the risk of colorectal cancer: A meta-analysis of 10 cohort studies

have no conflicts of interest. YZ, HL, ZWT and LL take full responsibility for the data and act as the guarantors for this article. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yong Zhang, Li Li, Zhaowei ... Teng. Data curation: Hao Liu, Min Ai, Zheng Gong, Yong He, Yunlong Dong, Shuanglan Xu, Jun Wang, Jianping Liu. Formal analysis: Hao Liu, Min Ai. Investigation: Yong Zhang, Hao Liu, Li Li, Zhaowei

Experimental investigation on the surface and subsurface damages characteristics and formation mechanisms in ultra-precision grinding of SiC

Surface and subsurface damages appear inevitably in the grinding process, which will influence the performance and lifetime of the machined components. In this paper, ultra-precision grinding experiments were performed on reaction-bonded silicon carbide (RB-SiC) ceramics to investigate surface and subsurface damages characteristics and formation mechanisms in atomic scale. The ...

Thermodynamical and dynamical properties of charged BTZ black holes

We investigate the spacetime properties of BTZ black holes in the presence of the Maxwell field and Born–Infeld field and find rich properties in the spacetime structures when the model parameters are varied. Employing Landau–Lifshitz theory, we examine the thermodynamical phase transition in the charged BTZ black holes. We further study the dynamical perturbation in the background ...

Maternal low thyroxin levels are associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes in a Chinese population

Although thyroid dysfunction in early pregnancy may have adverse effects on pregnancy outcomes, few studies have examined the relationship between maternal low free thyroxin (FT4) levels in both first and third trimesters of pregnancy and the incidence of adverse pregnancy outcomes. We hypothesized that low FT4 levels in either first or third trimesters of pregnancy may have ...

Dicumarol inhibits PDK1 and targets multiple malignant behaviors of ovarian cancer cells

Pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 1 (PDK1) is overexpressed in ovarian cancer and thus is a promising anticancer therapeutic target. Our previous work suggests that coumarin compounds are potential inhibitors of PDKs. In this study, we used the ovarian cancer cell line SKOV3 as the model system and examined whether dicumarol (DIC), a coumarin compound, could inhibit ovarian cancer ...