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Design and Implementation of Green Construction Scheme for a High-rise Residential Building Project

This paper mainly studies the green construction scheme of a high-rise residential building project. From "four sections one environmental protection",saving material, water saving, energy saving, economical use of land and environmental protection conduct analysis and research. Adopting scientific, advanced, reasonable and economical construction technology measures...

A sensitive and innovative detection method for rapid C-reactive proteins analysis based on a micro-fluxgate sensor system

) S3 File. Fabrication process of the Au film substrate. (DOC) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Lei Guo, Zhen Yang, Yong Zhou. Data curation: Lei Guo. Formal analysis: Lei Guo. Investigation ... : Lei Guo, Zhen Yang. Project administration: Yong Zhou. 14 / 17 Software: Shaotao Zhi, Zhu Feng, Chong Lei. Writing ± original draft: Lei Guo. Writing ± review & editing: Lei Guo. 15 / 17 16 / 17 1

An acetabular-preserving procedure for pelvic giant cell tumor involving partial acetabulum

The management of pelvic giant cell tumors (GCTs) involving the acetabulum remains a challenge for surgeons on how to balance the relative benefits of minimizing recurrence and maintaining postoperative hip function. The present study was to present and evaluate the clinical indications, operative technique, and outcomes of pelvic GCTs involving partial acetabulum treated with...

Uncemented three-dimensional-printed prosthetic replacement for giant cell tumor of distal radius: a new design of prosthesis and surgical techniques

Luo, Yong Zhou, Wenli Zhang, Chongqi Tu Department of Orthopedics, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work

Low-grade central osteosarcoma in proximal humerus: a rare entity

Low-grade central osteosarcoma in proximal humerus: a rare entity Fan Tang,1,2 Li Min,1,2 Yong Zhou,1 Yi Luo,1 Chongqi Tu1 1Department of Orthopedics, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu

Weak solutions for a coupled system of Pettis-Hadamard fractional differential equations

In this paper, by applying the technique of measure of weak noncompactness and Mönch’s fixed point theorem, we investigate the existence of weak solutions under the Pettis integrability assumption for a coupled system of Hadamard fractional differential equations.

A general class of noninstantaneous impulsive fractional differential inclusions in Banach spaces

In this paper we introduce the concept of a PC-mild solution to a general new class of noninstantaneous impulsive fractional differential inclusions involving the generalized Caputo derivative with the lower bound at zero in infinite dimensional Banach spaces. Using the formula of a PC-mild solution, we give two classes of sufficient conditions to guarantee the existence of PC...

A regularity criterion for the Keller-Segel-Euler system

We consider a Keller-Segel-Euler model and prove a regularity criterion of the local strong solutions in a 3D bounded domain Ω.

Antiarthritic Activity of Qi-Wu Rheumatism Granule (a Chinese Herbal Compound) on Complete Freund’s Adjuvant-Induced Arthritis in Rats

. Disclosure Qi Xu and Yong Zhou are not co-first author. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest to disclose. Acknowledgments This study was supported by National

Overexpression of CsLEA11, a Y3SK2-type dehydrin gene from cucumber (Cucumis sativus), enhances tolerance to heat and cold in Escherichia coli

As the group II LEA (late embryogenesis abundant) proteins, dehydrins (DHNs) play an important role in plant growth and development, as well as in response to abiotic or biotic stress challenges. In this study, a DHN gene named CsLEA11 was identified and characterized from Cucumis sativus. Sequence analysis of CsLEA11 showed that it is a Y3SK2-type DHN protein rich in hydrophilic...

Massive Galileon positivity bounds

The EFT coefficients in any gapped, scalar, Lorentz invariant field theory must satisfy positivity requirements if there is to exist a local, analytic Wilsonian UV completion. We apply these bounds to the tree level scattering amplitudes for a massive Galileon. The addition of a mass term, which does not spoil the non-renormalization theorem of the Galileon and preserves the...

Computational methods using weighed-extreme learning machine to predict protein self-interactions with protein evolutionary information

Self-interactions Proteins (SIPs) is important for their biological activity owing to the inherent interaction amongst their secondary structures or domains. However, due to the limitations of experimental Self-interactions detection, one major challenge in the study of prediction SIPs is how to exploit computational approaches for SIPs detection based on evolutionary information...

Cooperative effect of chidamide and chemotherapeutic drugs induce apoptosis by DNA damage accumulation and repair defects in acute myeloid leukemia stem and progenitor cells

Background Many conventional chemotherapeutic drugs are known to be involved in DNA damage, thus ultimately leading to apoptosis of leukemic cells. However, they fail to completely eliminate leukemia stem cells (LSCs) due to their higher DNA repair capacity of cancer stem cells than that of bulk cancer cells, which becomes the root of drug resistance and leukemia recurrence. A...

GNS4, a novel allele of DWARF11, regulates grain number and grain size in a high-yield rice variety

Background Rice plays an extremely important role in food safety because it feeds more than half of the world’s population. Rice grain yield depends on biomass and the harvest index. An important strategy to break through the rice grain yield ceiling is to increase the biological yield. Therefore, genes associated with organ size are important targets for rice breeding. Results...

Local existence and blow-up criterion of the ideal density-dependent flows

In this paper, we consider two ideal density-dependent flows in a bounded domain, the Euler and magnetohydrodynamics equations. We prove the local existence and a blow-up criterion for each system. MSC: 35Q35, 76D03.

Optimization of medium compositions to improve a novel glycoprotein production by Streptomyces kanasenisi ZX01

Streptomyces kanasenisi ZX01 was found to produce a novel glycoprotein GP-1 previously, which was secreted into medium and had significant activity against tobacco mosaic virus. However, the low production of GP-1 by strain ZX01 limited its further studies. In order to improve the yield of GP-1, a series of statistical experimental design methods were applied to optimize medium...

Nanofiber Alignment Regulates NIH3T3 Cell Orientation and Cytoskeletal Gene Expression on Electrospun PCL+Gelatin Nanofibers

To examine the influence of substrate topology on the behavior of fibroblasts, tissue engineering scaffolds were electrospun from polycaprolactone (PCL) and a blend of PCL and gelatin (PCL+Gel) to produce matrices with both random and aligned nanofibrous orientations. The addition of gelatin to the scaffold was shown to increase the hydrophilicity of the PCL matrix and to...

The Λ2 limit of massive gravity

Lorentz-invariant massive gravity is usually associated with a strong coupling scale Λ3. By including non-trivial effects from the Stückelberg modes, we show that about these vacua, one can push the strong coupling scale to higher values and evade the linear vDVZ-discontinuity. For generic parameters of the theory and generic vacua for the Stückelberg fields, the Λ2-decoupling...

Asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness. A community-based, observational study

Purpose To examine whether an abnormally thin retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) is associated with cerebrovascular insufficiency. Design Community-based study. Methods The Asymptomatic Polyvascular Abnormalities in Community Study included Chinese aged 40+ years and without histories of cerebrovascular incidents or coronary heart disease. Using transcranial Doppler and carotid...