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Impact of silencing hepatic SREBP-1 on insulin signaling

. Data curation: Victoria Jideonwo, Yongyong Hou, Miwon Ahn, Sneha Surendran. Formal analysis: Victoria Jideonwo, NuÂria Morral. Project administration: NuÂria Morral. Supervision: NuÂria Morral ... . Writing ± original draft: Victoria Jideonwo. Writing ± review & editing: Victoria Jideonwo, Yongyong Hou, Miwon Ahn, Sneha Surendran, NuÂria Morral. 9 / 12 10 / 12 11 / 12 1. Alessi DR , James SR , Downes

Associations of MTHFR Gene Polymorphisms with Hypertension and Hypertension in Pregnancy: A Meta-Analysis from 114 Studies with 15411 Cases and 21970 Controls

Background Several epidemiological studies have investigated the associations of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) C677T and A1298C polymorphisms with hypertension (H) or hypertension in pregnancy (HIP). However, the results were controversial. We therefore performed a comprehensive meta-analysis to provide empirical evidences on the associations. Methodologies The...

Adipose Deficiency of Nrf2 in ob/ob Mice Results in Severe Metabolic Syndrome

Peng Xue Yongyong Hou Yanyan Chen Bei Yang Jingqi Fu Hongzhi Zheng Kathy Yarborough Courtney G. Woods Dianxin Liu Masayuki Yamamoto Qiang Zhang Melvin E. Andersen Jingbo Pi Nuclear factor E2-related