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Exact holography of the mass-deformed M2-brane theory

We test the holographic relation between the vacuum expectation values of gauge invariant operators in \({\mathcal {N}} = 6\) U\(_k(N)\times \mathrm{U}_{-k}(N)\) mass-deformed ABJM theory and the LLM geometries with \({\mathbb {Z}}_k\) orbifold in 11-dimensional supergravity. To do so, we apply the Kaluza–Klein reduction to construct a 4-dimensional gravity theory and implement...

Mass-deformed ABJM theory and LLM geometries: exact holography

We present a detailed account and extension of our claim in arXiv:​1610.​01490. We test the gauge/gravity duality between the \( \mathcal{N} \) = 6 mass-deformed ABJM theory with U k (N )×U−k (N ) gauge symmetry and the 11-dimensional supergravity on LLM geometries with SO(4)/ℤ k × SO(4)/ℤ k isometry, in the large N limit. Our analysis is based on the evaluation of vacuum...

Thirring Model as a Gauge Theory

We reformulate the Thirring model in D(2 ≤D ≪ 4) dimensions as a gauge theory by introducing U(1) hidden local symmetry (HLS) and study the dynamical mass generation of the fermion through the Schwinger-Dyson (SD) equation. By virtue of such a gauge symmetry we can greatly simplify the analysis of the SD equation by taking the most appropriate gauge (“nonlocal gauge”) for the HLS...