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Robot development project with human- and eco-friendly smart materials

The social need for robotic technology is rapidly increasing to prepare for the aging society in Japan. Many political action plans concerning Japan’s robot strategy have been proposed and carried out nationwide. This project focused on the social implementation of life support robots and developing corresponding robotic technology. The project’s participants were mainly selected...

Automatic Music Boundary Detection Using Short Segmental Acoustic Similarity in a Music Piece

The present paper proposes a new approach for detecting music boundaries, such as the boundary between music pieces or the boundary between a music piece and a speech section for automatic segmentation of musical video data and retrieval of a designated music piece. The proposed approach is able to capture each music piece using acoustic similarity defined for short-term segments...

Integrals of a Lotka-Volterra System of Infinite Species

A Lotka-Volterra system of infinite species is introduced. Each of the infinite species is represented by a point on a unit circle. The probability density on the circle is given by the solution of the Lotka-Volterra system. Infinite number of conserved quantities are given for the system.

Integrals of a Lotka-Volterra System of Odd Number of Variables

A Lotka-Volterra system with s+1 conserved quantities of 2s+1 variables is introduced. In the system each species interacts with the other 2s species. The conserved quantities are explicitly represeted by polynomials in a simple way.