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CYP17 MspA1 Polymorphism and Age at Menarche: A Meta-Analysis

Objective: Literature data on the effects of CYP17 MspA1 polymorphism on age at menarche (AAM) are inconsistent. To reexamine this controversy, we performed a meta-analysis.

The “social brain” is highly sensitive to the mere presence of social information: An automated meta-analysis and an independent study

, Yu Fang. Formal analysis: Ivy F. Tso, Saige Rutherford, Yu Fang, Mike Angstadt. Funding acquisition: Ivy F. Tso, Stephan F. Taylor. Investigation: Stephan F. Taylor. Methodology: Ivy F. Tso, Mike ... Angstadt, Stephan F. Taylor. Project administration: Stephan F. Taylor. Resources: Stephan F. Taylor. Software: Ivy F. Tso, Saige Rutherford, Yu Fang, Mike Angstadt. Supervision: Stephan F. Taylor

Pattern of medication selling and self-medication practices: A study from Punjab, Pakistan

Conceptualization: Muhammad Majid Aziz, Yu Fang. Data curation: Imran Masood, Mahreen Yousaf, Hammad Saleem. Formal analysis: Imran Masood, Dan Ye. Funding acquisition: Yu Fang. Investigation: Muhammad Majid Aziz ... , Mahreen Yousaf, Hammad Saleem. Methodology: Muhammad Majid Aziz, Dan Ye, Yu Fang. Project administration: Muhammad Majid Aziz, Mahreen Yousaf, Hammad Saleem. 9 / 12 Resources: Yu Fang. Software

An answer summarization method based on keyword extraction

BIO Web of Conferences An answer extraction Qiaoqing Fan 0 Yu Fang 0 0 Department of Computer Science, Tongji University , Shanghai , China In order to reduce the redundancy of answer summary

Preface: special topic on fluorescent chemical/biological sensors and imaging

1 Yu Fang ) 0 0 Key Laboratory of Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry (Ministry of Education); School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shaanxi Normal University , Xi'an 710062 , China 1 Key ... chemical biology. Prof. Yu Fang received his B.S. degree from Shaanxi Normal University (Xi’an, China), M.S. degree from Central China Normal University (Wuhan, China), and Ph.D. degree from Lancaster

Geographical variations in bacterial communities associated with soft coral Scleronephthya gracillimum

-Hua Yang, Hsing-Ju Chen, Yu-Fang Tseng. Formal analysis: Shan-Hua Yang. Funding acquisition: Seonock Woo. Methodology: Seonock Woo, Shan-Hua Yang, Hsing-Ju Chen, Yu-Fang Tseng, Sen-Lin Tang. Project

State feedback control design for Boolean networks

Background Driving Boolean networks to desired states is of paramount significance toward our ultimate goal of controlling the progression of biological pathways and regulatory networks. Despite recent computational development of controllability of general complex networks and structural controllability of Boolean networks, there is still a lack of bridging the mathematical...

Anemia: A significant cardiovascular mortality risk after ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction complicated by the comorbidities of hypertension and kidney disease

. Investigation: Wei-Chieh Lee, Hsiu-Yu Fang. Data curation: Wei-Chieh Lee, Huang-Chung Chen, Chien-Jen Chen, Cheng-Hsu Yang, Chi 11 / 13 Methodology: Wei-Chieh Lee. Project administration: Wei-Chieh Lee ... . Software: Wei-Chieh Lee. Supervision: Wei-Chieh Lee, Hsiu-Yu Fang, Chih-Yuan Fang. Validation: Hsiu-Yu Fang, Chien-Jen Chen, Chih-Yuan Fang. Visualization: Hsiu-Yu Fang, Chih-Yuan Fang. Writing

Lexical Planning in Sentence Production Is Highly Incremental: Evidence from ERPs

The scope of lexical planning, which means how far ahead speakers plan lexically before they start producing an utterance, is an important issue for research into speech production, but remains highly controversial. The present research investigated this issue using the semantic blocking effect, which refers to the widely observed effects that participants take longer to say...

Current Situation, Determinants, and Solutions to Drug Shortages in Shaanxi Province, China: A Qualitative Study

Objective Drug shortages were a complex global problem. The aim of this study was to analyze, characterize, and assess the drug shortages, and identify possible solutions in Shaanxi Province, western China. Methods A qualitative methodological approach was conducted during May–June 2015 and December 2015–January 2016. Semi-structured interviews were performed to gather...

Dissecting seipin function: the localized accumulation of phosphatidic acid at ER/LD junctions in the absence of seipin is suppressed by Sei1p ΔNterm only in combination with Ldb16p

Background Seipin is required for the correct assembly of cytoplasmic lipid droplets. In the absence of the yeast seipin homolog Sei1p (formerly Fld1p), droplets are slow to bud from the endoplasmic reticulum, lack the normal component of proteins on their surface, are highly heterogeneous in size and shape, often bud into the nucleus, and promote local proliferation of the...

Prevalence and factors associated with food intake difficulties among residents with dementia

Background Few studies have examined the prevalence of food intake difficulties and their associated factors among residents with dementia in long-term care facilities in Taiwan. The purpose of the study was to identify the best cutoff point for the Chinese Feeding Difficulty Index (Ch-FDI), which evaluates the prevalence of food intake difficulties and recognizes factors...

Altered expression of the mismatch repair genes in DF-1 cells infected with the avian leukosis virus subgroup A

The absence or deficiency of DNA mismatch repair (MMR) activity results in microsatellite instability (MSI) in cancer. The avian leukosis virus (ALV) causes neoplastic disease in chickens. In this study, the status of MMR, MSI, the cell cycle and apoptosis were detected in DF-1 cells after avian leukosis virus subgroup A infection. Flow cytometry analysis results indicated that...

Dieulafoy’s disease of the bronchus: report of a case and review of the literature

Background Dieulafoy’s disease is a vascular anomaly characterized by the presence of a tortuous dysplastic artery in the submucosa. Although frequently occurring in the gastrointestinal tract, multiple cases of Dieulafoy’s disease in the bronchus have been reported in the literature. Methods and results We report a case of a 15-year-old boy suffering recurrent massive hemoptysis...

Hospital pharmacists’ knowledge of and attitudes towards the implementation of the National Essential Medicines System: a questionnaire survey in western China

Background In 2009, Chinese government launched a new healthcare reform, one of the key points of which is to establish National Essential Medicine System (NEMS). Hospital pharmacists are directly related to the implementation of NEMS. This study is to examine knowledge of and attitudes towards the implementation of the NEMS among hospital pharmacists in western China. Methods We...

Systems analysis of gene ontology and biological pathways involved in post-myocardial infarction responses

Background Pathway analysis has been widely used to gain insight into essential mechanisms of the response to myocardial infarction (MI). Currently, there exist multiple pathway databases that organize molecular datasets and manually curate pathway maps for biological interpretation at varying forms of organization. However, inconsistencies among different databases in pathway...

Reimagining "Tense and Tender Ties" in García's Monkey Hunting

Volume CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture ISSN 1481-4374 Purdue University Press ©Purdue University Yu-Fang Cho 0 1 2 0 This document has been made available through Purdue e-Pubs, a service ... Scopus (Elsevier). The journal is affiliated with the Purdue University Press monograph series of Books in Comparative Cultural Studies. Contact: <> Volume 14 Issue 5 (December 2012) Article 12 Yu-Fang

Effects of propofol versus sevoflurane on cerebral oxygenation and cognitive outcome in patients with impaired cerebral oxygenation

Effects of propofol versus sevoflurane on cerebral oxygenation and cognitive outcome in patients with impaired cerebral oxygenation Jun-ying Guo,1,* Jie-yu Fang,1,* San-rong Xu,2 Ming Wei,1 Wen-qi

Eye-Head Coordination for Visual Cognitive Processing

We investigated coordinated movements between the eyes and head (“eye-head coordination”) in relation to vision for action. Several studies have measured eye and head movements during a single gaze shift, focusing on the mechanisms of motor control during eye-head coordination. However, in everyday life, gaze shifts occur sequentially and are accompanied by movements of the head...