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Sustained curcumin release from PLGA microspheres improves bone formation under diabetic conditions by inhibiting the reactive oxygen species production

Sustained curcumin release from PLGA microspheres improves bone formation under diabetic conditions by inhibiting the reactive oxygen species production Yu Li,1 Zhan-Zhao Zhang1,2 1Department of ... diabetes mellitus; bone repair - deda ropF open access to scientific and medical research O r i g i n a l r e s e a r c h Yu li 1 1Department of Plastic and r econstructive s urgery, s hanghai Key

Morphological and molecular identification of two new Ganoderma species on Casuarina equisetifolia from China

Ganoderma is a cosmopolitan white rot fungal genus, famous for its medicinal properties. In the present study, two new Ganoderma species were collected from south-eastern China and described on the basis of morphological characters and phylogenetic analyses of sequences of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region, the translation elongation factor 1-α gene (EF1-α) and the...

Protective Effect of Rosamultin against H2O2-Induced Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis in H9c2 Cardiomyocytes

Rosamultin is one of the main active compounds isolated from Potentilla anserina L., which belongs to a triterpene compound. Few studies have examined the effect of rosamultin on oxidative stress and its molecular mechanism. The aim of this present study was to elucidate the protective effect of rosamultin on H2O2-induced oxidative damage and apoptosis in H9c2 cardiomyocytes and...

A CpG-adjuvanted intranasal enterovirus 71 vaccine elicits mucosal and systemic immune responses and protects human SCARB2-transgenic mice against lethal challenge

significant. Data availability The data associated with the manuscript will be made available only on request. Readers who are interested in requesting the data may contact Dr. Yu-Li Lin (). Additional ... , TaiwanSzu-Min Hsieh AuthorsSearch for Yu-Li Lin in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Yen-Hung Chow in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Li-Min Huang

Relating antennal sensilla diversity and possible species behaviour in the planthopper pest Lycorma delicatula (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae)

) [51]. Conceptualization: Rong-Rong Wang, Thierry Bourgoin. Formal analysis: Jia-Jia Liu, Xin-Yu Li, Thierry Bourgoin. Funding acquisition: Rong-Rong Wang. Investigation: Jia-Jia Liu, Xin-Yu Li ... . Methodology: Jia-Jia Liu, Xin-Yu Li, Thierry Bourgoin. Project administration: Rong-Rong Wang, Ai-Ping Liang, Thierry Bourgoin. Resources: Rong-Rong Wang, Jia-Jia Liu, Xin-Yu Li, Ai-Ping Liang. Supervision

Research on Systematic Design and Installation Based on Explosion Protection Technology Combined with Traction Elevator

MATEC Web of Conferences Research on Systematic Design and Installation Explosion Protection Technology Combined with Elevator Based on Traction Changming Li 1 Qibing Wang 1 Yonggang Leng 1 Yu Li 0

Risk of acute epiglottitis in patients with preexisting diabetes mellitus: A population-based case–control study

. Investigation: Cheng-Ming Hsu, Yao-Hsu Yang. Methodology: Geng-He Chang. Software: Chia-Yen Liu. Supervision: Ethan I. Huang, Hsueh-Yu Li. Validation: Geng-He Chang, Meng-Hung Lin. Visualization: Yao-Te Tsai ... . Writing ± original draft: Yao-Te Tsai. Writing ± review & editing: Hsueh-Yu Li. 10 / 13 11 / 13 12 / 13 1. Solomon P , Weisbrod M , Irish JC , Gullane PJ . Adult epiglottitis: the Toronto Hospital

Identification of Potential Therapeutic Targets in the Liver of Pioglitazone-Treated Type 2 Diabetes Sprague-Dawley Rats via Expression Profile Chip and iTRAQ Assay

-Sheng Wu,2 Chang-Yu Li,2 and Yi-Tao Chen1 1College of Life Sciences, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou 310053, China 2College of Pharmacy, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou 310053 ... , China Correspondence should be addressed to Chang-Yu Li; moc.anis@umczycl and Yi-Tao Chen; nc.ude.umcz@dlrowtyc Received 5 October 2017; Accepted 14 January 2018; Published 18 March 2018 Academic

CUEDC2, a novel interacting partner of the SOCS1 protein, plays important roles in the leukaemogenesis of acute myeloid leukaemia

-Yuan Zhu, Yang Liu, Jiang Cao, Ping Zhou, Ming-Shan Niu, Zhen-Yu Li, Ling-Yu Zeng & Kai-Lin XuDepartment of Cell Biology and Neurobiology, Xuzhou Key Laboratory of Neurobiology, Xuzhou Medical University ... in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Zhen-Yu Li in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Ling-Yu Zeng in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google

Study of retina and choroid biological parameters of rhesus monkeys eyes on scleral collagen cross-linking by riboflavin and ultraviolet A

measurement and analysis of the IOP and OCT images used in this study. Methodology: Mingshen Sun, Bowen Ouyang, Mengmeng Wang, Yu Li, Xuan Jiao, Li Zhang. Project administration: Mingshen Sun, Fengju Zhang

The Review and Development of the Landing Gear Emergency Release System

MAT EC Web of Conferences The Review and Development Emergency Release System Xin Li 1 Yu Li 0 0 System Integration Center, FAI AVIC , Xi'an, CN 1 Landing Gear System Research Institute, FAI AVIC

Approximation performance of the nonlinear hybrid fuzzy system based on variable universe

Variable universe is through a group of nonlinear contraction expansion factors online timely to adjust the input domain, so that the input domain is subdivided as detailed as possible at surrounding the expected control points. It is characteristic of constant rules, quick response, and high stability precision. In this paper, a nonlinear hybrid fuzzy system was established by...

Assessment of municipal infrastructure development and its critical influencing factors in urban China: A FA and STIRPAT approach

and Baoji; Gansu ProvinceÐJiayuguan; Jiangxi ProvinceÐXinyu and Pingxiang; and Ningxia Hui Autonomous RegionÐShizuishan. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yu Li, Fei Li. Data curation: Ji Zheng ... , Xueting Jin, Chen Xu. Formal analysis: Ji Zheng, Chen Xu. Investigation: Yu Li, Fei Li, Xueting Jin. Methodology: Fei Li. Project administration: Yu Li, Fei Li. Software: Yu Li, Ji Zheng, Fei Li

SCFβ-TRCP E3 ubiquitin ligase targets the tumor suppressor ZNRF3 for ubiquitination and degradation

Yanpeng Ci, Xiaoning Li, Maorong Chen, Jiateng Zhong, Brian J. North, Hiroyuki Inuzuka, Xi He, Yu Li, Jianping Guo and Xiangpeng Dai declare that they have no conflict of interest. This article does not

The mechanism for enhanced oxidation degradation of dioxin-like PCBs (PCB-77) in the atmosphere by the solvation effect

The reaction pathways of PCB-77 in the atmosphere with ·OH, O2, NO x , and 1O2 were inferred based on density functional theory calculations with the 6-31G* basis set. The structures the reactants, transition states, intermediates, and products were optimized. The energy barriers and reaction heats were obtained to determine the energetically favorable reaction pathways. To study...

Modulation of the mRNA-binding protein HuR as a novel reversal mechanism of epirubicin-triggered multidrug resistance in colorectal cancer cells

University (103ACD112). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yu-Li Lo. Data curation: Yu-Li Lo. Formal analysis: Yu-Li Lo. Funding acquisition: Yu-Li Lo. Investigation: Guan-Liang Lin, Huei-Ju Ting ... , Vivian Juang, Yu-Li Lo. Methodology: Guan-Liang Lin, Yu-Li Lo. Project administration: Yu-Li Lo. Resources: Ta-Chien Tseng, Yu-Li Lo. Supervision: Yu-Li Lo. Validation: Yu-Li Lo. Writing ± original

Determination of lesinurad in rat plasma by a UHPLC–MS/MS assay

Lesinurad is an oral inhibitor of urate-anion exchanger transporter 1 and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for combination therapy with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor for the treatment of hyperuricemia associated with refractory gout. In the present study, a sensitive and specific ultra high-performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry...

Two new green-spored species of Trichoderma (Sordariomycetes, Ascomycota) and their phylogenetic positions

Two new species of Trichoderma are described based on the collections producing ascomata or asexual morphs on woody substrates, and named as Trichoderma fujianense and T. zonatum. Trichoderma fujianense produces gliocladium to verticillium-like conidiophores, slender to lageniform phialides, green and ellipsoidal to cylindrical conidia. Trichoderma zonatum is characterized by...