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An Application-Level QoS Control Method Based on Local Bandwidth Scheduling

Quality of service (QoS) is an important performance indicator for Web applications and bandwidth is a key factor affecting QoS. Current methods use network protocols or ports to schedule bandwidth, which require tedious manual configurations or modifications of the underlying network. Some applications use dynamic ports and the traditional port-based bandwidth control methods...

Topological entanglement entropy in Euclidean AdS3 via surgery

We calculate the topological entanglement entropy (TEE) in Euclidean asymptotic AdS3 spacetime using surgery. The treatment is intrinsically three-dimensional. In the BTZ black hole background, several different bipartitions are applied. For the bipartition along the horizon between two single-sided black holes, TEE is exactly the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, which supports the ER...

Identification of Novel ARSA Mutations in Chinese Patients with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy

Shi,1 Zhixian Yang,1 Hong Pan,5 Xingzhi Chang,1 Junya Chen,4 Yu Sun,4 Yuehua Zhang,1 Xiru Wu,1 Yuwu Jiang,1 and Jingmin Wang1 1Department of Pediatrics, Peking University First Hospital, Beijing 100034

A facile doxorubicin-dichloroacetate conjugate nanomedicine with high drug loading for safe drug delivery

A facile doxorubicin-dichloroacetate conjugate nanomedicine with high drug loading for safe drug delivery Conglian Yang,1 Tingting Wu,1 Yuting Qin,1 Yan Qi,1 Yu Sun,1 Miao Kong,1 Xue Jiang,1 Xianya ... y b / m o c . s s e r p e v PowerdbyTCPDF( O r I g I N a l r e s e a r c h Yu sun 1 Yaqi shen 2 Methods: An amphiphilic conjugate, doxorubicin-dichloroacetate, was synthesized and the

Targeted release of stromal cell-derived factor-1α by reactive oxygen species-sensitive nanoparticles results in bone marrow stromal cell chemotaxis and homing, and repair of vascular injury caused by electrical burns

acquisition: Guang-Yi Wang. Investigation: Fang He, Peng-Fei Luo, Tao Tang, Fang Zhang, He Fang, Shi-Zhao Ji. Methodology: Fang He, Peng-Fei Luo, Tao Tang, Yu Sun, Guo-Sheng Wu, Bo-Han Pan. Project

24S-hydroxycholesterol and 25-hydroxycholesterol differentially impact hippocampal neuronal survival following oxygen-glucose deprivation

N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDARs), a major subtype of glutamate receptor mediating excitatory transmission throughout the CNS, participate in ischemia-induced neuronal death. Unfortunately, undesired side effects have limited the strategy of inhibiting/blocking NMDARs as therapy. Targeting endogenous positive allosteric modulators of NMDAR function may offer a strategy with...

Risk of acute gastroenteritis associated with human bocavirus infection in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis

analysis: Ri De, Liying Liu, Yuan Qian, Runan Zhu. Funding acquisition: Linqing Zhao. Investigation: Ri De, Liying Liu, Yuan Qian, Runan Zhu, Jie Deng, Fang Wang, Yu Sun, Huijin Dong, Liping Jia ... . Methodology: Ri De, Liying Liu, Yuan Qian, Runan Zhu. Project administration: Jie Deng, Fang Wang, Yu Sun, Huijin Dong, Liping Jia. Resources: Ri De, Liying Liu, Yuan Qian, Linqing Zhao. Software: Ri De

NanoVelcro-captured CTC number concomitant with enhanced serum levels of MMP7 and MMP9 enables accurate prediction of metastasis and poor prognosis in patients with lung adenocarcinoma

NanoVelcro-captured CTC number concomitant with enhanced serum levels of MMP7 and MMP9 enables accurate prediction of metastasis and poor prognosis in patients with lung adenocarcinoma Yu Sun,1

Compliance control based on PSO algorithm to improve the feeling during physical human–robot interaction

Robots play more important roles in daily life and bring us a lot of convenience. But when people work with robots, there remain some significant differences in human–human interactions and human–robot interaction. It is our goal to make robots look even more human-like. We design a controller which can sense the force acting on any point of a robot and ensure the robot can move...

Revisiting ovarian cancer microenvironment: a friend or a foe?

finger E-boxbinding homeobox. COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES Boyi Zhang, Fei Chen, Qixia Xu, Liu Han, Jiaqian Xu, Libin Gao, Xiaochen Sun, Yiwen Li, Yan Li, Min Qian, and Yu Sun declare that they have

Two featured series of rRNA-derived RNA fragments (rRFs) constitute a novel class of small RNAs

In this study, we reported two featured series of rRNA-derived RNA fragments (rRFs) from the small RNA sequencing (sRNA-seq) data of Amblyomma testudinarium using the Illunima platform. Two series of rRFs (rRF5 and rRF3) were precisely aligned to the 5' and 3' ends of the 5.8S and 28S rRNA gene. The rRF5 and rRF3 series were significantly more highly expressed than the rRFs...

The association of nephrolithiasis with metabolic syndrome and its components: a cross-sectional analysis

The association of nephrolithiasis with metabolic syndrome and its components: a cross-sectional analysis Yen-Tze Liu,1 Pei-Yu Yang,2 Yu-Wen Yang,1 Hung-Yu Sun,1 I-Ching Lin1,3,4 1Department of ... a R C h Yu-Wen Yang1 hung-Yu sun 1 Background: Metabolic syndrome is a worldwide disorder and also the major risk factor of several systemic diseases. Evidence identifying the association between

Extract of Fructus Cannabis Ameliorates Learning and Memory Impairment Induced by D-Galactose in an Aging Rats Model

Hao Huang,1 Kai-Hui Yu,1 Si-Bang Chen,4 Yu Sun,4 Lei Wei,4 Jun-Hua Peng,1,2 and Shang-Ling Pan1,2 1Department of Pathophysiology, School of Preclinical Medicine, Guangxi Medical University, Nanning ... , Yu Sun, Rong-Bo Liao, Chun-Yu Chen, Sheng-Ying Gu, Hui Qin, Yan-Fen Zhong, Yi-Tong Zhang, Li-Ting Li, Lei Wei, Shao-Xin Huang, Ying Liang, and Wei Lin for their assistance in animal feeding and Morris

Comparative mitochondrial genome analysis of Daphnis nerii and other lepidopteran insects reveals conserved mitochondrial genome organization and phylogenetic relationships

In the present study, the complete sequence of the mitochondrial genome (mitogenome) of Daphnis nerii (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) is described. The mitogenome (15,247 bp) of D.nerii encodes13 protein-coding genes (PCGs), 22 transfer RNA genes (tRNAs), two ribosomal RNA genes (rRNAs) and an adenine (A) + thymine (T)-rich region. Its gene complement and order is similar to that of...

The effect of suramin on inhibiting fibroblast proliferation and preventing epidural fibrosis after laminectomy in rats

0 Lianqi Yan Hui Chen Jun He Shuguang Wang Jingcheng Wang Yu Sun 0 Equal contributors Department of Orthopedics, Clinical Medical College of Yangzhou University, Orthopaedic Institute, Subei People's

MicroRNAs in acute kidney injury

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is an important clinical issue that is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Despite research advances over the past decades, the complex pathophysiology of AKI is not fully understood. The regulatory mechanisms underlying post-AKI repair and fibrosis have not been clarified either. Furthermore, there is no definitively effective treatment...

Fast and scalable structure-from-motion based localization for high-precision mobile augmented reality systems

A key problem in mobile computing is providing people access to cyber-information associated with their surrounding physical objects. Mobile augmented reality is one of the emerging techniques that addresses this problem by allowing users to see the cyber-information associated with real-world physical objects by overlaying that cyber-information on the physical objects’ imagery...

Dose-Dependent Effects of Allopurinol on Human Foreskin Fibroblast Cells and Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells under Hypoxia

Allopurinol, an inhibitor of xanthine oxidase, has been used in clinical trials of patients with cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease. These are two pathologies with extensive links to hypoxia and activation of the transcription factor hypoxia inducible factor (HIF) family. Here we analysed the effects of allopurinol treatment in two different cellular models, and their...

Assessment of health-related quality of life using the SF-36 in Chinese cervical spondylotic myelopathy patients after surgery and its consistency with neurological function assessment: a cohort study

Background We aimed to calculate the responsiveness and statistically prove the reliability of the Medical Outcomes Study Short Form Health Survey (SF-36) in a prospective cohort study. We investigated the profile of mid-term health-related quality of life (QOL) outcome assessments after surgery for cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM) and determined the consistency of the SF-36...