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Synchronization of fractional chaotic systems based on a simple Lyapunov function

In this paper the synchronization of fractional-order chaotic systems and a new property of fractional derivatives are studied. Then we propose a new fractional-order extension of Lyapunov direct method to control the fractional-order chaotic systems. A new synchronization method and a linear feedback controller are given to achieve the synchronization of fractional-order chaotic ...

Enhanced cell proliferation and osteogenic differentiation in electrospun PLGA/hydroxyapatite nanofibre scaffolds incorporated with graphene oxide

(20160101027JC). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Chuan Fu, Jiaqi Zhu. Data curation: Chuan Fu, Jianan Li. 17 / 20 Formal analysis: Yu Wang. Funding acquisition: Xiaoyu Yang, Yunshen Bai. Investigation

Differences exist across insurance schemes in China post-consolidation

, Xiaojun Wang, Yan Jiang, Yu Wang, Xinchun Liu, Shuangge Ma. 12 / 13 1. Fang K , Shia B , Ma S. Health insurance coverage and impact: a survey in three cities in China . PloS one . 2012 ; 7 ( 6 ):e39157

Construction and characterization of an improved DNA-launched infectious clone of duck hepatitis a virus type 1

DNA-launched infectious system is a useful tool with high rescue efficiency that allows the introduction of mutations in specific positions to investigate the function of an individual viral element. Rescued virus particles could be harvested by directly transfecting the DNA-launched recombinant plasmid to the host cells, which will reduce labor and experimental cost by skipping ...

Complete genome sequence of shrimp hemocyte iridescent virus (SHIV) isolated from white leg shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei

Infection with shrimp hemocyte iridescent virus (SHIV), a new virus of the family Iridoviridae isolated in China, results in a high mortality rate in white leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). The complete genome sequence of SHIV was determined and analyzed in this study. The genomic DNA was 165,809 bp long with 34.6% G+C content and 170 open reading frames (ORFs). Dotplot analysis ...

A novel method for multiple bowel injuries: a pilot canine experiment

Intestinal ligation is the cornerstone for damage control in abdominal emergency, yet it may lead to bowel ischemia. Although intestinal ligation avoids further peritoneal cavity pollution, it may lead to an increased pressure within the bowel segments and rapid bacterial translocation. In this study, we showed that severed intestine could be readily reconnected by using silicon ...

RNA-guided transcriptional activation via CRISPR/dCas9 mimics overexpression phenotypes in Arabidopsis

Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) and the CRISPR associated protein 9 (Cas9) system allows effective gene modification through RNA-guided DNA targeting. The Cas9 has undergone a series of functional alterations from the original active endonuclease to partially or completely deactivated Cas9. The catalytically deactivated Cas9 (dCas9) offers a ...

Correction to: Relative abundance of β-thalassemia-related mutations in southern China correlates with geographical coordinates

Figure 1c. is with numeric error. The error can not result in any change of discussion and conclusion. The proper figures corresponding to Fig 1c are in supplement file, see figure 5 and 6.

Effect of non-fluoride agents on the prevention of dental caries in primary dentition: A systematic review

information regarding their studies. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yu Wang, Weibin Sun, Huang Li. Data curation: Yu Wang, Jialing Li. Formal analysis: Jialing Li. Funding acquisition: Huang Li ... . Methodology: Jialing Li, Li Mei. Project administration: Yu Wang, Weibin Sun. Supervision: Weibin Sun, Huang Li. Validation: Richard D. Cannon. Writing ± original draft: Yu Wang. Writing ± review & editing

Room-temperature sintered metal-organic framework nanocrystals: A new type of optical ceramics

光学陶瓷是一种透明的特种陶瓷, 可兼备单晶的高稳定性和玻璃、 流体和其他非晶材料的大尺寸的优点, 是有潜力的激光增益介质. 因为对晶体尺寸和对称性有严格要求, 而且需要高温烧结过程, 只有少数无机非金属材料可用于制备光学陶瓷. 本文报道了一种由配位聚合物(或称金属——有机框架)组成的新型陶瓷. 通过简单地降低溶剂挥发速度, MAF-4(即SOD型二甲基咪唑锌, 也称ZIF-8)的纳米晶即可融合形成致密的陶瓷状块体, 甚至具有毫米级尺寸和高达84%可见光透过率. 该金属——有机光学陶瓷MOOC-1可以负载荧光染料sulforhodamine 640并保持其发光特性, 包括很高的量子产率63.6%和极低的放大自发辐射阈值31 μJ cm-2. 其他几种金属——有机框架的纳米晶也可以在类似条件下融合成陶瓷或光学陶瓷. 考虑到金属——有机框架的结构和功能多样性, ...

Single-chip 3D electric field microsensor

, Shanhong XIA ( 2 Biyun LING , Yu WANG, Chunrong PENG, Bing LI, Zhaozhi CHU This paper presents a single-chip 3D electric field microsensor, in which a sensing element is set at the center to detect the Z

The Hippo pathway in tissue homeostasis and regeneration

ETHICS GUIDELINES Yu Wang, Aijuan Yu, and Fa-Xing Yu declare that they have no conflict of interest. This article does not contain any studies with human or animal subjects performed by the any of the

Increased serum thrombomodulin level is associated with disease severity and mortality in pediatric sepsis

Contributions Formal analysis: Jainn-Jim Lin. Data curation: Jainn-Jim Lin, Hsiang-Ju Hsiao, Oi-Wa Chan, Yu Wang. Methodology: Jainn-Jim Lin, Hsiang-Ju Hsiao, Shao-Hsuan Hsia, Cheng-Hsun Chiu. Supervision: Shao

Chitosan Nanolayered Cisplatin-Loaded Lipid Nanoparticles for Enhanced Anticancer Efficacy in Cervical Cancer

In this study, cisplatin (CDDP)-loaded chitosan-coated solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) was successfully formulated to treat HeLa cervical carcinoma. The formulation nanoparticles were nanosized and exhibited a controlled release of drug in physiological conditions. The blank nanoparticles exhibited an excellent biocompatibility profile indicating its suitability for cancer ...

Inhibition of human cytomegalovirus immediate early gene expression and growth by a novel RNase P ribozyme variant

Chen, Lingling He, Jingxue Sheng, Yujun Liu, Gia-Phong Vu, Wei Li, Yu Wang, Rong Hai, Sangwei Lu, Fenyong Liu. Formal analysis: Xu Sun, Weijie Chen, Lingling He, Jingxue Sheng, Yujun Liu, Gia-Phong Vu ... , Phong Trang, Yu Wang, Hua Zhu, Sangwei Lu, Fenyong Liu. Funding acquisition: Sangwei Lu, Fenyong Liu. Investigation: Xu Sun, Weijie Chen, Lingling He, Jingxue Sheng, Phong Trang, Rong Hai, Hua Zhu

Applying the Technology Acceptance Model to Understand Aviation Students’ Perceptions toward Augmented Reality Maintenance Training Instruction

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology, since its inception, has been enhanced significantly by software and hardware developers, and has been widely utilized in various fields such as manufacturing, entertainment, architecture, commerce and education. In recent years, maintenance instructions developed on the basis of AR technology have demonstrated their potential to positively impact ...

Characterization of the complete chloroplast genome of the Chinese cherry Prunus pseudocerasus (Rosaceae)

The Chinese cherry Prunus pseudocerasus is a fruit tree species with high economic and ornamental values. Many of its wild populations are under threat or even on the verge of extinction. Here, its complete chloroplast genome was assembled using next-generation sequencing technology. The circular genome is 157,834 bp long, and contains a pair of inverted repeat (IR) regions of ...

ePlant for quantitative and predictive plant science research in the big data era

). COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES The authors Yi Xiao, Tiangen Chang, Qingfeng Song, Shuyue Wang, Danny Tholen, Yu Wang, Changpeng Xin, Guangyong Zheng, Honglong Zhao and Xin-Guang Zhu declare that they have

Molecular cloing and bioinformatics analysis of lactate dehydrogenase from Taenia multiceps

Coenurus cerebralis, the larval stage (metacestode or coenurus) of Taenia multiceps, parasitizes sheep, goats, and other ruminants and causes coenurosis. In this study, we isolated and characterized complementary DNAs that encode lactate dehydrogenase A (Tm-LDHA) and B (Tm-LDHB) from the transcriptome of T. multiceps and expressed recombinant Tm-LDHB (rTm-LDHB) in Escherichia coli. ...

Development of a Three-Dimensional Ray-Tracing Model of Sugarcane Canopy Photosynthesis and Its Application in Assessing Impacts of Varied Row Spacing

Sugarcane has emerged as the second largest source of biofuel, primarily as ethanol produced in Brazil. Dual row planting using asymmetric spacing of rows can decrease damage to plants and soil structure from harvest equipment though potentially can cause some loss of productivity due to increased shading. Can we assess this loss, without experimental testing of the thousands of ...