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Chiral dynamics, S-wave contributions and angular analysis in \(D\rightarrow \pi \pi \ell \bar{\nu }\)

We present a theoretical analysis of the \(D^-\rightarrow \pi ^+\pi ^- \ell \bar{\nu }\) and \(\bar{D}^0\rightarrow \pi ^+\pi ^0 \ell \bar{\nu }\) decays. We construct a general angular distribution which can include arbitrary partial waves of \(\pi \pi \). Retaining the S-wave and P-wave contributions we study the branching ratios, forward–backward asymmetries and a few other ...

\(B_c\rightarrow B_{sJ}\) form factors and \(B_c\) decays into \(B_{sJ}\) in covariant light-front approach

We suggest to study the \(B_{s}\) and its excitations \(B_{sJ}\) in the \(B_c\) decays. We calculate the \(B_c\rightarrow B_{sJ}\) and \(B_c\rightarrow B_{J}\) form factors within the covariant light-front quark model, where the \(B_{sJ}\) and \(B_{J}\) denote an s-wave or p-wave \(\bar{b}s\) and \(\bar{b}d\) meson, respectively. The form factors at \(q^2=0\) are directly computed ...