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Adaptive linear TFPF for seismic random noise attenuation

To achieve a high level of seismic random noise suppression, the conventional time–frequency peak filtering (TFPF) has been adequately studied and applied in previous researches in recent years. A window is used to improve linearity, thereby achieving the unbiased estimates. However, applying a fixed window length to all frequencies signals will result in serious loss of...

Contribution of oxidative stress and growth factor receptor transactivation in natriuretic peptide receptor C-mediated attenuation of hyperproliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells from SHR

: Sofiane Rahali, Yuan Li. Funding acquisition: Madhu B. Anand-Srivastava. Investigation: Madhu B. Anand-Srivastava. Methodology: Sofiane Rahali, Yuan Li. Project administration: Madhu B. Anand-Srivastava

Correction to: Uniaxial experimental study of the acoustic emission and deformation behavior of composite rock based on 3D digital image correlation (DIC)

In the original publication of this article, Table 2 is incorrectly published due to the negligence of the author’s proofreading. The correct version of Table 2 is provided below.

Nitric oxide attenuates overexpression of Giα proteins in vascular smooth muscle cells from SHR: Role of ROS and ROS-mediated signaling

Vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC) from spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) exhibit decreased levels of nitric oxide (NO) that may be responsible for the overexpression of Giα proteins that has been shown as a contributing factor for the pathogenesis of hypertension in SHR. The present study was undertaken to investigate if increasing the intracellular levels of NO by NO donor...

The 3-D Structural Basis for the Pgi Genotypic Differences in the Performance of the Butterfly Melitaea cinxia at Different Temperatures

Although genotype-by-environment interaction has long been used to unveil the genetic variation that affects Darwinian fitness, the mechanisms underlying the interaction usually remain unknown. Genetic variation at the dimeric glycolytic enzyme phosphoglucoisomerase (Pgi) has been observed to interact with temperature to explain the variation in the individual performance of the...

Contrasting patterns of nucleotide polymorphism suggest different selective regimes within different parts of the PgiC1 gene in Festuca ovina L.

Background Phosphoglucose isomerase (PGI, EC is an essential metabolic enzyme in all eukaryotes. An earlier study of the PgiC1 gene, which encodes cytosolic PGI in the grass Festuca ovina L., revealed a marked difference in the levels of nucleotide polymorphism between the 5’ and 3’ portions of the gene. Methods In the present study, we characterized the sequence...

mTOR has a developmental stage-specific role in mitochondrial fitness independent of conventional mTORC1 and mTORC2 and the kinase activity

curation: Khalid W. Kalim, Shuangmin Zhang, Xiaoyi Chen, Yuan Li, Jun-Qi Yang. Formal analysis: Khalid W. Kalim, Shuangmin Zhang, Xiaoyi Chen, Yi Zheng, Fukun Guo. Funding acquisition: Fukun Guo

REM sleep deprivation induces endothelial dysfunction and hypertension in middle-aged rats: Roles of the eNOS/NO/cGMP pathway and supplementation with L-arginine

Contributions Conceptualization: Jian-Pu Zheng. Data curation: Jiaye Jiang, Yan Ke. Formal analysis: Jiaye Jiang, Zhongyuan Gan, Yuan Li, Wenqi Zhao, Hanqing Li. Funding acquisition: Jian-Pu Zheng, Yan Ke ... . Investigation: Jiaye Jiang, Zhongyuan Gan, Yuan Li, Wenqi Zhao, Hanqing Li. Methodology: Jiaye Jiang. Project administration: Jian-Pu Zheng, Yan Ke. Supervision: Jian-Pu Zheng, Yan Ke. Writing ± original

Low cycle fatigue tests and damage accumulation models on the rolling shear strength of cross-laminated timber

This paper presents a study on rolling shear damage accumulation and duration of load of cross-laminated timber (CLT) with low cycle fatigue tests. The study of the duration-of-load (DOL) effect on strength properties of wood products is typically challenging; it may be more challenging for non-edge-glued CLT considering crosswise layups of wood boards, existing gaps, and non...

Negative genic switch of HER-2 in the primary tumor instead of the synchronous metastatic nodal lesions after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in a patient with primary HER2-positive breast cancer

A few retrospective studies have indicated that neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) in breast cancer may change biomarker profiles of the primary tumor. Little is known about the status of HER-2 gene of the synchronous nodal metastases when that of the residual tumor undergoes negative conversion in a neoadjuvant setting. We describe a female patient with left breast cancer (T2N2M0...

Rheology of rock salt for salt tectonics modeling

Numerical modeling of salt tectonics is a rapidly evolving field; however, the constitutive equations to model long-term rock salt rheology in nature still remain controversial. Firstly, we built a database about the strain rate versus the differential stress through collecting the data from salt creep experiments at a range of temperatures (20–200 °C) in laboratories. The aim is...

Angiotensin receptor blockers are associated with lower mortality than ACE inhibitors in predialytic stage 5 chronic kidney disease: A nationwide study of therapy with renin-angiotensin system blockade

Conceptualization: Chih-Ching Lin. Data curation: Chih-Ching Lin, Yu-Te Wu. Formal analysis: Chih-Ching Lin, Yu-Te Wu, Wu-Chang Yang, Min-Juei Tsai, Jia-Sin Liu, Chi-Yu Yang, Szu-Yuan Li, Shuo-Ming Ou ... Yang, Min-Juei Tsai, Jia-Sin Liu, Chi-Yu Yang, Szu-Yuan Li, Shuo-Ming Ou, Der-Cherng Tarng, Chih-Cheng Hsu. 11 / 13 12 / 13 study. BMC Nephrol. 2015; 16:167. Epub 2015/10/27.

CCL20 secreted from IgA1-stimulated human mesangial cells recruits inflammatory Th17 cells in IgA nephropathy

IgA nephropathy (IgAN) is the most common primary glomerulonephritis characterized by human mesangial cells (HMC) proliferation and extracellular matrix expansion associated with immune deposits consisting of galactose-deficient IgA1. However, how IgA1 contributes to IgAN has yet to be completely elucidated. In this study, the expression profile of chemokines was more altered in...

Evolving use of social media among Chinese urologists: Opportunity or challenge?

practice. 9 / 11 Supporting information S1 Fig. The questionnaire. (PDF) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xingbo Long, Long Wang. Data curation: Zhenyu Ou, Zhenzhen Cao, Yuan Li, Minfeng Chen

Oils extracted from Eupatorium adenophorum leaves show potential to control Phythium myriotylum in commercially-grown ginger

Oils extracted from the leaves of Eupatorium adenophorum were tested in vitro and in vivo against the soilborne pathogen Pythium myriotylum which causes soft rot, a devastating disease of commercial ginger production in China. Twelve compounds accounting for 99.15% of the total oil composition were identified by GC-MS. The major components were 10Hβ-9-oxo-agerophorone (37.03...

Gold nanoparticle integrated with nanostructured carbon and quantum dots: synthesis and optical properties

Multilayer graphene shell encapsulated gold nanoparticle—quantum dot hybrids were derived by combining wet-chemical, thermal, and covalent chemistry approaches. Uniformly patterned gold nanoparticles on a silicon substrate were obtained via gold film deposition in an electroless method followed by a thermal dewetting process. The resulting gold nanoparticles were further surface...

Improved Data Preprocessing Algorithm for Time-Domain Induced Polarization Method with Digital Notch Filter

Time-domain induced polarization (TDIP) measurement is seriously affected by power line interference and other field noise. Moreover, existing TDIP instruments generally output only the apparent chargeability, without providing complete secondary field information. To increase the robustness of TDIP method against interference and obtain more detailed secondary field information...

Wogonin as a targeted therapeutic agent for EBV (+) lymphoma cells involved in LMP1/NF-κB/miR-155/PU.1 pathway

Background Wogonin is an encouraging choice for clinical use owing to its potent anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory effects with the high safety profile. However, wogonin for targeted therapy of lymphoma was not well addressed. In this study, we focused on its anticancer effect alongside with the underlying mechanisms for targeted therapy in EBV-positive lymphoma. This will...