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Inner cell mass incarceration in 8-shaped blastocysts does not increase monozygotic twinning in preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening patients

. Investigation: Yi-Fan Gu, Qin-Wei Zhou, Shuo-Ping Zhang, Chang-Fu Lu, Fei Gong, Yue Qiu Tan. Methodology: Yi-Fan Gu, Qin-Wei Zhou, Shuo-Ping Zhang, Chang-Fu Lu, Fei Gong, Yue Qiu Tan. Project administration

Age influences the olfactory profiles of the migratory oriental armyworm mythimna separate at the molecular level

Background The oriental armyworm Mythimna separata (Walk) is a serious migratory pest; however, studies on its olfactory response and its underlying molecular mechanism are limited. To gain insights to the olfactory mechanism of migration, olfactory genes were identified using antennal transcriptome analysis. The olfactory response and the expression of olfactory genes for 1-day ...

\(B^*_{s,d} \rightarrow \mu ^+ \mu ^-\) and its impact on \(B_{s,d} \rightarrow \mu ^+ \mu ^-\)

This study investigates \(B^*_{s,d}\rightarrow \mu ^+\mu ^-\) in the dimuon distributions and the hadronic contribution \(B_{s,d}\rightarrow B^*_{s,d}\gamma \rightarrow \mu ^+\mu ^-\). The \(\mu ^+\mu ^-\) decay widths of the vector mesons \(B^*_{s,d}\) are approximately a factor of 700 larger than the corresponding scalar mesons \(B_{s,d}\). The ratio of the branching fractions ...

The Inhibitory Effects of Ca2+ Channel Blocker Nifedipine on Rat Kv2.1 Potassium Channels

It is well documented that nifedipine, a commonly used dihydropyridine Ca2+ channel blocker, has also significant interactions with voltage-gated K+ (Kv) channels. But to date, little is known whether nifedipine exerted an action on Kv2.1 channels, a member of the Shab subfamily with slow inactivation. In the present study, we explored the effects of nifedipine on rat Kv2.1 ...

Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Non-Native Patients with Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in Shanghai

Background Staphylococcus aureus is one predominant cause of skin and soft-tissue infections (SSTIs), but little information exists regarding the characterization of S. aureus from non-native patients with SSTIs in China. Methods In this study, we enrolled 52 non-native patients with S. aureus SSTIs, and 65 native control patients with S. aureus SSTIs in Shanghai. 52 and 65 S. ...

Association between serum vitamin D and severity of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C patients: a systematic meta-analysis

vitamin D measurement technology, and taking a broad range of confounders into account are required to clarify this relationship. Compliance with ethics guidelines Yue-qiu LUO, Xiao-xing WU, Zong-xin LING

The first patient with a pure 1p36 microtriplication associated with severe clinical phenotypes

Background Copy Number Variants (CNVs) is a new molecular frontier in clinical genetics. CNVs in 1p36 are usually pathogenic and have attracted the attention of cytogeneticists worldwide. None of 1p36 triplication has been reported thus far. Results We present three patients with CNVs in 1p36. Among them one is the first 1p36 tetrasomy due to a pure microtriplication and the other ...