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FMISO accumulation in tumor is dependent on glutathione conjugation capacity in addition to hypoxic state

whether FMISO is metabolized to amino-FMISO-GS within tumor cells and how amino-FMISO-GS contributes to FMISO accumulation in hypoxic cells. We also evaluated the relationship - Yukiko Masaki and Yoichi

Imaging Mass Spectrometry Revealed the Accumulation Characteristics of the 2-Nitroimidazole-Based Agent “Pimonidazole” in Hypoxia

Hypoxia, or low oxygen concentration, is a key factor promoting tumor progression and angiogenesis and resistance of cancer to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 2-Nitroimidazole-based agents have been widely used in pathological and nuclear medicine examinations to detect hypoxic regions in tumors; in particular, pimonidazole is used for histochemical staining of hypoxic regions. It...