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Management of screwdriver-induced penetrating brain injury: a case report

Background Penetrating brain injury (PBI) can be caused by several objects ranging from knives to chopsticks. However, an assault with long and electric screwdriver is a peculiar accident and is relatively rare. Because of its rarity, the treatments of such injury are complex and nonstandardized. Case presentation We presented a case of a 54-year-old female who was stabbed with a...

Global gene expression analysis reveals reduced abundance of putative microRNA targets in human prostate tumours

Background Recently, microRNAs (miRNAs) have taken centre stage in the field of human molecular oncology. Several studies have shown that miRNA profiling analyses offer new possibilities in cancer classification, diagnosis and prognosis. However, the function of miRNAs that are dysregulated in tumours remains largely a mystery. Global analysis of miRNA-target gene expression has...

Occurrence of leu+ revertants under starvation cultures in Escherichia coli is growth-dependent

genes of revertants, and drafted the manuscript. Peiji Gao, as supervisor, conceived the study, participated in its design and revised the manuscript. Yumin Mao carried out the sequencing of the leuB