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Load curve smoothing strategy based on unified state model of different demand side resources

Renewable energy based distributed generation (DG) has the potential to reach high penetration levels in the residential region. However, its integration at the demand side will cause rapid power fluctuations of the tie-line in the residential region. The traditional generators are generally difficult to manage rapid power fluctuations due to their insufficient efficiency...

Dynamic frequency response from electric vehicles in the Great Britain power system

student majoring in Power System and its Automation in Tianjin University, China. His main research interests include power system stability and control, and integration of electric vehicles. Yunfei MU is

A preventive control strategy for static voltage stability based on an efficient power plant model of electric vehicles

power system stability analysis, renewable energy integration, and smart grids. Yunfei MU is a lecturer of Tianjin University. His special fields of interests include power system stability analysis and