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Existence of weak solutions for viscoelastic hyperbolic equations with variable exponents

The authors of this paper study a nonlinear viscoelastic equation with variable exponents. By using the Faedo-Galerkin method and embedding theory, the existence of weak solutions is given to the initial and boundary value problem under suitable assumptions.

Study of solutions to an initial and boundary value problem for certain systems with variable exponents

In this paper, the existence and blow-up property of solutions to an initial and boundary value problem for a nonlinear parabolic system with variable exponents is studied. Meanwhile, the blow-up property of solutions for a nonlinear hyperbolic system is also obtained.

Solvability for Two Classes of Higher-Order Multi-Point Boundary Value Problems at Resonance

Using the theory of coincidence degree, we establish existence results of positive solutions for higher-order multi-point boundary value problems at resonance for ordinary differential equation , , with one of the following boundary conditions: , , , , , and , , , , where is a continuous function, , , , all the have not the same sign. We also give some examples to demonstrate our...