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On the security of cooperative cognitive radio networks with distributed beamforming

This paper investigates the secrecy performance of amplify-and-forward (AF)-relaying cooperative cognitive radio networks (CCRNs) over Rayleigh-fading channels. Specifically, we consider practical passive eavesdropping scenarios, where the channel state information of the eavesdropper’s link is not available at the secondary transmitter. In order to avoid interfering with the...

Low-complexity soft-decision aided detectors for coded spatial modulation MIMO systems

Yuzhen Huang 0 0 College of Communications Engineering, PLA University of Science and Technology , Nanjing , China In this paper, we present an efficient transmission scheme for multiple-input multiple

Protocol design and performance analysis for cognitive cooperative networks with multiple antennas

Abstract In this article, we deal with a novel access protocol design for cognitive cooperative networks with multiple antennas. According to the principles of cognitive radio, the secondary user (SU) can exploit the primary user (PU) burstiness to access the licensed spectrum in the proposed access protocol. To get more access opportunities to the licensed spectrum, the SU...

Consensus-based decentralized clustering for cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks

A large number of previous works have demonstrated that cooperative spectrum sensing (CSS) among multiple users can greatly improve detection performance. However, when the number of secondary users (SUs; i.e., spectrum sensors) is large, the sensing overheads (e.g., time and energy consumption) will likely be intolerable if all SUs participate in CSS. In this paper, we proposed...

Performance analysis of interference-limited dual-hop multiple antenna AF relaying systems with feedback delay

In this paper, we present a comprehensive performance analysis of dual-hop multiple antenna channel state information (CSI) assisted amplify-and-forward (AF) relaying systems over Rayleigh fading channels employing arbitrary transmit antenna selection (TAS) and receiver maximum ratio combining (MRC) with feedback delay in the presence of co-channel interference (CCI) at both the...