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Gut microbiota derived metabolites in cardiovascular health and disease

, trimethylamine-N-oxide; TNF-α, tumor necrosis factor-α. COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES Zeneng Wang is named as co-inventor on pending and issued patents held by the Cleveland Clinic relating to cardiovascular

Effect of long-term dietary sphingomyelin supplementation on atherosclerosis in mice

. Chung, Zeneng Wang, Kerry-Anne Rye. Funding acquisition: Philip J. Barter, Kerry-Anne Rye. Investigation: Rosanna W. S. Chung, Christina A. Bursill, Kerry-Anne Rye. Methodology: Rosanna W. S. Chung ... , Zeneng Wang, Christina A. Bursill, Ben J. Wu, Kerry Anne Rye. Project administration: Kerry-Anne Rye. Resources: Zeneng Wang. Supervision: Kerry-Anne Rye. Writing ± original draft: Rosanna W. S. Chung