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Anxiety is not enough to drive me away: A latent profile analysis on math anxiety and math motivation

Texas Tech University for providing Open Access Publication Funding to support this work. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Zhe Wang, Margherita Malanchini. Data curation: Nicholas Shakeshaft ... , Kerry Schofield, Margherita Malanchini. Formal analysis: Zhe Wang. Funding acquisition: Zhe Wang, Margherita Malanchini. Investigation: Nicholas Shakeshaft, Kerry Schofield, Margherita Malanchini

Cerebrospinal fluid-stem cell interactions may pave the path for cell-based therapy in neurological diseases

Recent studies have suggested that the regulation of endogenous neural stem cells (NSCs) or transplanting of exogenous nerve cells are the newest and most promising methods for the treatment of dementia and other neurological diseases. The special location and limited number of endogenous NSCs, however, restrict their clinical application. The success in directional...

Heat and power load dispatching considering energy storage of district heating system and electric boilers

and Power Engineering, Tsinghua University. Her research focuses on the modeling, simulation and control of energy system. Zhe WANG received his Ph.D. degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2007

A source-controlled data center network model

The construction of data center network by applying SDN technology has become a hot research topic. The SDN architecture has innovatively separated the control plane from the data plane which makes the network more software-oriented and agile. Moreover, it provides virtual multi-tenancy, effective scheduling resources and centralized control strategies to meet the demand for...

Range-azimuth decouple beamforming for frequency diverse array with Costas-sequence modulated frequency offsets

Different from the phased-array using the same carrier frequency for each transmit element, the frequency diverse array (FDA) uses a small frequency offset across the array elements to produce range-angle-dependent transmit beampattern. FDA radar provides new application capabilities and potentials due to its range-dependent transmit array beampattern, but the FDA using linearly...

Virtual electricity retailer for residents under single electricity pricing environment

, provide a link to the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. Zhe WANG received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation from Shanghai University of Electric Power

Discover cervical disc arthroplasty versus anterior cervical discectomy and fusion in symptomatic cervical disc diseases: A meta-analysis

Objective Symptomatic cervical disc disease (SCDD) is a common degenerative disease, and Discover artificial cervical disc, a new-generation nonconstrained artificial disk, has been developed and performed gradually to treat it. We performed this meta-analysis to compare the efficacy and safety between Discover cervical disc arthroplasty (DCDA) and anterior cervical discectomy...

Implications of polyploidy events on the phenotype, microstructure, and proteome of Paulownia australis

Polyploidy events are believed to be responsible for increasing the size of plant organs and enhancing tolerance to environmental stresses. Autotetraploid Paulownia australis plants exhibit superior traits compared with their diploid progenitors. Although some transcriptomics studies have been performed and some relevant genes have been revealed, the molecular and biological...

Effects of principal stress rotation on the wave–seabed interactions

This paper simulates the wave–seabed interactions considering the principal stress rotation (PSR) by using the finite element method. The soil model is developed within the framework of kinematic hardening and the bounding surface concept, and it can properly consider the impact of PSR by treating the PSR generating stress rate independently. The simulation results are compared...

Treatment and outcome prognosis of patients with high-energy transsyndesmotic ankle fracture dislocation—the “Logsplitter” injury

Background This study aimed to retrospectively review the clinical efficacy of open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) for treatment of high-energy transsyndesmotic ankle fracture dislocation—the “Logsplitter” injury. Methods Between December 2006 and December 2014, 41 patients (29 males and 12 females; mean age, 41.46 ± 13.42 years) with Logsplitter injury were treated by...

Minimally invasive (sinus tarsi) approach for calcaneal fractures

load to failure was recorded at the loading velocity of 2 mm/min and with the span of 30 mm (Fig. 2c, d). Surgical procedure All procedures were performed by the same surgeon (Zhe Wang) as previously ... procedures were performed by Zhe Wang and checked by Sheng Long Li. Measurement of reduction parameters was accomplished with the DWRuler software. Statistical analysis All data are expressed as n (%) or mean

APD3: the antimicrobial peptide database as a tool for research and education

The antimicrobial peptide database (APD, is an original database initially online in 2003. The APD2 (2009 version) has been regularly updated and further expanded into the APD3. This database currently focuses on natural antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) with defined sequence and activity. It includes a total of 2619 AMPs with 261 bacteriocins from bacteria...

Drought stress-induced changes of microRNAs in diploid and autotetraploid Paulownia tomentosa

no conflict of interest. Zhe Wang declares that he has no conflict of interest. Yuanlong Wang declares that he has no conflict of interest. Ethical approval This article does not contain any studies

Coordinated Evolution of Transcriptional and Post-Transcriptional Regulation for Mitochondrial Functions in Yeast Strains

Evolution of gene regulation has been proposed to play an important role in environmental adaptation. Exploring mechanisms underlying coordinated evolutionary changes at various levels of gene regulation could shed new light on how organism adapt in nature. In this study, we focused on regulatory differences between a laboratory Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain BY4742 and a...

User association for energy harvesting relay stations in cellular networks

We consider a cellular wireless network enhanced by relay stations that are powered by renewable energy sources. Such a network consists of the macro base stations (BS), relay stations (RSs), and many mobile stations (MSs). In addition to the traditional data/voice transmission between the BS and the MSs, a higher service tier may be provided by using the energy harvesting RSs...

Polymorphisms and Mutational Covariation Associated with Death in a Prospective Cohort of HIV/AIDS Patients Receiving Long-Term ART in China

Background HIV drug resistance is associated with faster clinical progression of AIDS. However, the effect of significant polymorphisms and mutational covariation on mortality among HIV/AIDS patients receiving long-term antiretroviral therapy (ART), have rarely been studied. Methods In this prospective cohort study from December 2003 to December 2014, we present a new...

Wellbeing in China

issues. In terms of environmental pollution, Ben Zhe Wang and Zhiming Cheng use the 2010 and 2013 Chinese GSS to examine the relationship between perceived severity of environmental issues, perceived

Lipid profiling of the therapeutic effects of berberine in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Background We recently demonstrated a positive effect of berberine on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease patients after 16 weeks of treatment by comparing mere lifestyle intervention in type 2 diabetes patients with berberine treatment, which decreased the content of hepatic fat. However, the potential mechanisms of the clinical effects are unclear. We used a lipidomic approach to...

Mid-term results of coronary bypass graft surgery in patients with ischaemic left ventricular systolic dysfunction and no detected myocardial viability

OBJECTIVES There are concerns about effects of surgical revascularization on patients with ischaemic systolic dysfunction when no signs of myocardial viability have been detected by nuclear imaging preoperatively. We reviewed our data to determine the efficacy of coronary bypass graft in this special patient cohort.