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Is exclusion of leukocytes from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) a better choice for early intervertebral disc regeneration?

BackgroundPlatelet-rich plasma (PRP) is becoming a promising strategy to treat early intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD) in clinics. Pure PRP without leukocytes (P-PRP) may decrease the catabolic and inflammatory changes in the early degenerated intervertebral discs. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of P-PRP on nucleus pulposus-derived stem cells (NPSCs...

Is there a problem with quantum models of psychological measurements?

and AFOSR FA9550-15-10343. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jerome Busemeyer, Zheng Wang. Data curation: Zheng Wang. Formal analysis: Jerome Busemeyer. Funding acquisition: Jerome Busemeyer ... , Zheng Wang. Methodology: Zheng Wang. Writing ± original draft: Jerome Busemeyer, Zheng Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Zheng Wang. 1. Gudder S. P. Quantum Probability . Academic Press, 1988 . 2

Genetic diversity and phylogenetic characteristics of Chinese Tibetan and Yi minority ethnic groups revealed by non-CODIS STR markers

of the manuscript. Author information Author notes Guanglin He and Zheng Wang contributed equally to this work. AffiliationsInstitute of Forensic Medicine, West China School of Basic Medical ... Sciences & Forensic Medicine, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan, ChinaGuanglin He, Zheng Wang, Jing Liu, Mengge Wang & Yiping HouDepartment of Forensic Medicine, College of Basic Medicine, Chongqing

Interplay of the two ancient metabolites auxin and MEcPP regulates adaptive growth

, Jin-Zheng Wang, Amancio de Souza, Haiyan Ke & Katayoon DeheshUniversity of Freiburg, Faculty of Biology; BIOSS Centre for Biological Signaling Studies and ZBSA Centre for Biosystems Studies, Schänzlestr ... Rodriguez-Furlan in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Jin-Zheng Wang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Amancio de Souza in:Nature Research journals

Examining drivers of the emissions embodied in trade

Emissions embodied in provincial trade (EEPT) have important effects on provinces’ responsibilities for carbon emission reductions. Based on a multi-regional input-output model, we calculated EEPT for China’s 30 provinces in 2002, 2007 and 2010, and we attempted to determine the drivers of EEPT. The results showed that, during this period, the ratio of EEPT to production-based...

The Evaluation Method for Operation Efficiency of Equipment System Based on Data Farming and Mining

Through process data and results data resulted from operation efficiency simulation of equipment system, based on information measure criteria, data farming and mining method is used. Final simulation results are provided against specific models and verification is carried out on the internal relationships of equipment system and the effectiveness of equipment tactics capability...

miR-129-5p targets Wnt5a to block PKC/ERK/NF-κB and JNK pathways in glioblastoma

Scholar Search for Yan Li in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Rui Li in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Zheng Wang in:Nature Research journals

MEGF10, a Glioma Survival-Associated Molecular Signature, Predicts IDH Mutation Status

Huimin Hu,1,2 Yanwei Liu,2 Gan You,2 Zhaoshi Bao,2 Wei Zhang,2 Zheng Wang,1,2 and Tao Jiang1,2,3,4,5 1Department of Molecular Neuropathology, Beijing Neurosurgical Institute, Capital Medical University ... Clinical Research Center for Neurological Diseases, Beijing, China 5Chinese Glioma Genome Atlas Network (CGGA), Beijing, China Correspondence should be addressed to Zheng Wang; moc.621@4201gnehzgnaw and Tao

A cross-sectional study of inpatients with late stage of dementia in Southeast China and the associations between biochemical parameters and apolipoprotein E genotypes

,3,* Mei-Fang Chen,3 Zheng Wang,3 Ming-Xue Zhao,3 Bin-Hua Chen,3 Hong-Lei Li1 1Department of Neurology and Research Center of Neurology, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of

Cognitive Fusion of Thermal and Visible Imagery for Effective Detection and Tracking of Pedestrians in Videos

In this paper, we present an efficient framework to cognitively detect and track salient objects from videos. In general, colored visible image in red-green-blue (RGB) has better distinguishability in human visual perception, yet it suffers from the effect of illumination noise and shadows. On the contrary, the thermal image is less sensitive to these noise effects though its...

Application of JC1 for non-toxic isolation of cells with MDR transporter activity by flow cytometry

The DNA intercalating dye Hoechst 33342 or its close analog DCV are actively removed from cells by the multidrug resistance transporter ABCG2, a protein overexpressed in metastatic cells and somatic stem cells. In bivariate blue-red flow cytometry fluorescent plots active Hoechst or DCV efflux combined with a concentration dependent bathochromic shifts of these nuclear dyes leads...

Imaging gold nanoparticles in mouse liver by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Imaging the size distribution of metal nanoparticles (NPs) in a tissue has important implications in terms of evaluating NP toxicity. Microscopy techniques used to image tissue NPs are limited by complicated sample preparation or poor resolution. In this study, we developed a laser ablation (LA) system coupled to single-particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (SP...

First experience of robotic spleen-preserving distal pancreatectomy in a child with insulinoma

An insulinoma is a functional neuroendocrine pancreatic tumor, and surgical resection is indicated. Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgeries have been shown to be generally safe and feasible for treatment of pediatric cases of urologic and digestive disease. In July 2016, a 9-year-old girl (24 kg, 120 cm) was admitted with a pancreatic tail insulinoma and underwent robot-assisted...

Relationship between necrotic patterns in glioblastoma and patient survival: fractal dimension and lacunarity analyses using magnetic resonance imaging

, ChinaShuai Liu, Yinyan Wang, Zheng Wang, Chuanbao Zhang & Tao JiangBeijing Neurosurgical Institute, Capital Medical University, Beijing, ChinaShuai Liu, Zheng Wang, Xing Fan, Chuanbao Zhang, Shaowu Li & Tao ... • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Zheng Wang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Xing Fan in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Chuanbao Zhang

Patient-specific core decompression surgery for early-stage ischemic necrosis of the femoral head

Introduction Core decompression is an efficient treatment for early stage ischemic necrosis of the femoral head. In conventional procedures, the pre-operative X-ray only shows one plane of the ischemic area, which often results in inaccurate drilling. This paper introduces a new method that uses computer-assisted technology and rapid prototyping to enhance drilling accuracy...

A Three-Stage Saving-Based Heuristic for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows and Stochastic Travel Times

Technology, Dalian 116024, China Received 7 October 2015; Revised 10 January 2016; Accepted 26 January 2016 Academic Editor: Alicia Cordero Copyright © 2016 Zheng Wang and Chunyue Zhou. This is an open

Association between time of discharge from ICU and hospital mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Background Epidemiological studies have provided inconsistent results on whether intensive care unit (ICU) discharge at night and on weekends is associated with an increased risk of mortality. This systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to determine whether ICU discharge time was associated with hospital mortality. Methods The PubMed, Embase, and Scopus databases were searched...

Serum exosomal miR-125b is a novel prognostic marker for hepatocellular carcinoma

Serum exosomal miR-125b is a novel prognostic marker for hepatocellular carcinoma Weifeng Liu,1–3,* Jie Hu,1,2,* Kaiqian Zhou,1,2,* Feiyu Chen,1,2 Zheng Wang,1,2 Boyi Liao,1,2 Zhi Dai,1,2 Ya Cao,4

Failure in Cognitive Suppression of Negative Affect in Adolescents with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Search for Mingxia Fan in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Wenhong Cheng in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Zheng Wang in:Nature Research ... they have no competing interests. Corresponding authors Correspondence to Wenhong Cheng or Zheng Wang. Rights and permissions Open Access This article is licensed under a Creative Commons

Retrospection-Simulation-Revision: Approach to the Analysis of the Composition and Characteristics of Medical Waste at a Disaster Relief Site

A large amount of medical waste is produced during disaster relief, posing a potential hazard to the habitat and the environment. A comprehensive understanding of the composition and characteristics of medical waste that requires management is one of the most basic steps in the development of a plan for medical waste management. Unfortunately, limited reliable information is...