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Comparative study on the mechanical mechanism of confined concrete supporting arches in underground engineering

Conceptualization: Zhijin Lv, Qian Qin. Formal analysis: Zhijin Lv, Bei Jiang. Investigation: Qian Qin. Methodology: Yingcheng Luan. Software: Zhijin Lv, Hengchang Yu. Supervision: Hengchang Yu. Writing ... ± original draft: Zhijin Lv, Qian Qin, Bei Jiang. Writing ± review & editing: Zhijin Lv, Qian Qin, Yingcheng Luan. 15 / 16 1. Kang YS , Liu QS , Gong GQ , Wang HC . Application of a combined support system to

Sliding Window Top-K Monitoring over Distributed Data Streams

Most of the traditional top-k algorithms are based on a single-server setting. They may be highly inefficient and/or cause huge communication overhead when applied to a distributed system environment. Therefore, the problem of top-k monitoring in distributed environments has been intensively investigated recently. This paper studies how to monitor the top-k data objects with the...