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A novel search method based on artificial bee colony algorithm for block motion estimation

The large amount of bandwidth that is required for the transmission or storage of digital videos is the main incentive for researchers to develop algorithms that aim at compressing video data while keeping their quality as high as possible. Block matching has been extensively utilized in compression algorithms for motion estimation as they reduce the memory requirements of any...

Integer programming for improving radiotherapy treatment efficiency

Lv. Supervision: Yi Li. Validation: Zhili Zhou. Visualization: Bo Kou. Writing ± original draft: Ming Lv. Writing ± review & editing: Yi Li. 8 / 9 25. 1. Mackillop WJ , Fu H , Quirt CF , Dixon P

Efficient path routing strategy for flows with multiple priorities on scale-free networks

In real networks, traffic flows are different in amount as well as their priorities. However, the latter priority has rarely been examined in routing strategy studies. In this paper, a novel routing algorithm, which is based on the efficient path routing strategy (EP), is proposed to overcome network congestion problem caused by large amount of traffic flows with different...