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Long-term groundwater storage changes and land subsidence development in the North China Plain (1971–2015)

The North China Plain (NCP) has been suffering from groundwater storage (GWS) depletion and land subsidence for a long period. This paper collects data on GWS changes and land subsidence from in situ groundwater-level measurements, literature, and satellite observations to provide an overview of the evolution of the aquifer system during 1971–2015 with a focus on the sub-regional...

The persistence and performance of phosphate-solubilizing Gluconacetobacter liquefaciens qzr14 in a cucumber soil

of China 2 & Zhiyong Huang The persistence and performance of plant growth-promoting microorganisms (PGPMs) in soil are considered critical features for effectiveness, yet they are poorly understood

Development of a prototype 16S rRNA gene-based microarray for monitoring planktonic actinobacteria in shrimp ponds

. Xiaomei Ma . Demin Zhang . Zhiyong Huang 0 1 0 D. Zhang School of Marine Sciences, Ningbo University , Ningbo 315211 , China 1 J. Wang W. Zhao Y. Liang Y. Han X. Wang X. Zhang X. Ma Z. Huang (&) Tianjin

Inequalities of uncertain set with its applications

An uncertain set, as a generalization of the uncertain variable, is a set-valued function on an uncertainty space. It provides theoretical foundations for uncertain inference and uncertain logic. This paper aims at providing some inequalities in the framework of uncertain set theory, including the Markov inequality, the Chebyshev inequality, the Jensen inequality, the Hölder...

Aldose reductase mediates endothelial cell dysfunction induced by high uric acid concentrations

; ONOO −: Peroxynitrite; ROS: Reactive oxygen species; SOD: Superoxide dismutase; UA: Uric acid; VWF: von Willebrand factor Authors’ contributions Zhiyong Huang and Quan Hong: Acquisition of data

Surgical treatment of hepato-pancreato-biliary disease in China: the Tongji experience

Hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) tumors are common in China. However, these tumors are often diagnosed at intermediate/advanced stages because of the lack of a systemic surveillance program in China. This situation creates many technical challenges for surgeons and increases the incidence of postoperative complications. Therefore, Dr. Xiao-Ping Chen has made many important...

Low frequency of paleoviral infiltration across the avian phylogeny

Background Mammalian genomes commonly harbor endogenous viral elements. Due to a lack of comparable genome-scale sequence data, far less is known about endogenous viral elements in avian species, even though their small genomes may enable important insights into the patterns and processes of endogenous viral element evolution. Results Through a systematic screening of the genomes...

Evaluation of hGM-CSF/hTNFα surface-modified prostate cancer therapeutic vaccine in the huPBL-SCID chimeric mouse model

To validate its efficacy in the context of the human immune system, a novel therapeutic vaccine of hGM-CSF/hTNFα surface-modified PC-3 cells against human prostate cancer was evaluated in the human peripheral blood lymphocytes-severe combined immunodeficiency (huPBL-SCID) chimeric mouse model. The hGM-CSF or/and hTNFα modified vaccines inhibited prostate cancer growth effectively...

Erratum to: Potential risk assessment of heavy metals by consuming shellfish collected from Xiamen, China

. Huang, Yue Hu and Hong Yang”Unfortunately, the name in italic, “Zhiyong Y. Huang” has been wrongly written. The following is the correct form:“Jian Li, Zhiyong Huang, Yue Hu and Hong Yang” ... , Zhiyong Huang , Yue Hu and Hong Yang 1 Jian Li , Zhiyong Y. Huang , Yue Hu and Hong Yang We realized that the name of the corresponding author was incorrectly written. It was written in the following form

A proteome-wide screen identifies valosin-containing protein as an essential regulator of podocyte endoplasmic reticulum stress

To investigate proteins expressed in the renal tissue of the passive Heymann nephritis (pHN) rat model, we prepared pHN rat models with anti-FxA1 serum and analyzed the proteins differentially expressed in the kidney tissue with label-free liquid chromatography- tandem mass spectrometry. We then analyzed in depth the endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS)-related protein using an...